Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What's on Your Mind this Week?

Ginger stole my camera and wouldn't give it back, this is one of the resulting images. The rest shall remain a mystery!
3 people today told me that they are enjoying the daily blogging. 3! Today was stellar!

What are you thinking about this week? What is on your mind? What's keeping you awake, making you happy, keeping you ticking?

For me there are so many things, some profound, some small, but all on my mind. It doesn't have to be big to be on your mind:
  1. My baby boy is turning 2 on Valentine's Day. I can't even begin to tell you the gazillion thoughts I have on this subject, but yes, it is WAY on my mind.
  2. How much more can I take of the shelter without my heart breaking? Ginger volunteers at Forsyth County Animal Control every Tuesday. I look at the website and it kills me. Ginger recently adopted Leroy from the shelter. He is a great little guy, but so many of them aren't as lucky and it kills me to think about it. Ginger is trying so hard to make a difference and she is, but it also frustrates me how limited she is in what she "can" give to the shelter. Just today we were brainstorming some stuff for work and I was reminded by what great ideas she has, but that she isn't able to exercise them. UGH! Ginger, I hope it is ok to say this here, and I will not stop pushing you until you tell me to stop.
  3. Why do so many people hate Valentine's Day? You don't have to love it, but why hate it? You also don't have to be in Love to love it. Every year I want to go to the aisle and buy a box of kid's Valentine's and just hand them out to my co-workers, the mailman, you name it. It is just a day to tell someone they are special. I think it is so much fun!
  4. Biltmore. Biltmore is on my mind this week. I had such a good time up there. I am so curious about every room. I can't wait to go back and see the flowers in bloom.
  5. Egypt. You might not know this about me, but I am fascinated with mummies and pyramids. I love to watch anything on the subject. I think it stems from a trip to see Ramsees the Great in high school. It was such a fun day and it was so weird to be so close to a real live mummy. Yes, I know, mummies are not alive. This unrest in Egypt is so puzzling to me. I don't understand it. I get why they are mad, but how do they know who is who? How do you know in a street brawl who the enemy is? Do you stop and introduce yourself, is there something in the way you are dressed, I just don't get it. I head today that some of King Tut's artifacts had been damaged in the chaos. Such a shame.
  6. Avery started a new room this week at school. Today was his third day and he barely cried when I left. I really like the teachers, but I don't get a daily sheet any more. I have no idea how long his nap was or how he ate. I feel so lost.
  7. We are going to the circus on Saturday. This makes me very, very happy. I hope Avery will love it! I have noticed lots of people listing a trip to the circus in their FB status. I wonder who we might see there?
  8. My sweet friend Christy. She had a knot in her neck that she ignored for a bit, and then went to the doctor to have it checked. Turns out it is cancer. Christy is going to be just fine. I can feel it in my bones, but it is so scary. Put her on your list for me. Think happy good thoughts. She has two super sweet little kids and she needs all of the good vibes she can get.
  9. Frustration. I struggle with frustration. I stew on things. I have a handful of things that I have been stewing on and I am hoping I can get them out of my head very soon. Stewing it such a giant waste of time. I wish I could be more duck-like. Quack, quack!!
  10. Pictures. I really do love pictures and I love taking pictures. Can I be honest for a minute about pictures? It really bugs me when people don't love and/or appreciate pictures. If you are fortunate enough to land in front of my camera, I sure hope I capture something that you want to print and put behind glass. It sure does make me happy! I have a wedding coming up in April and I am so excited. (Jen don't you want to come tag team again???) Ginger took a family picture of us at Biltmore that I la-la-lovity-love. I will love it for the rest of my life. Don't you love it too?

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