Monday, April 26, 2010

No, You Are Mistaken, This Girl Is Your Twin!

Today was Leslie's Care/Love Shower. It ended up not being a surprise because someone forwarded her the invite. I won't dwell on this fact, but I was pretty tore up.

Everyone did such an incredible job. Allison made these awesome pom poms that were hanging from the ceiling, a huge fruit salad, bracelets, brought balloons, centerpieces, and pink ribbons. She also worked her butt off getting ready and cleaning up.

I snapped this shot of her and baby girl, and I have to say, I heart it. Look at those bangs. Identical!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Dear Blog

Dear Blog,
I have missed you. I feel less witty and likable without you. I would like to invite you back in to my life. Once I complete the 85 loads of laundry, and vacuum my floors I hope to invite you back in to my world.

I would like to tell you about:
  1. My sweet Leslie, so you can think about her and offer her your love and support.
  2. The B-eautiful Elmo picture Ginger's mom painted to commemorate Avery's First Birthday.
  3. Avery's upcoming Tube "surgery". Surgery sounds so serious, but I have been assured it is not. I am still very afraid. It is on the 15th.
  4. My disdain for Tiki Barber. BTW, Tiger says thanks Tiki. At least his wife wasn't pregnant with twins, and he can "blame" his illness. Between you and Jesse James, Tiger Woods is a regular Casanova. I saw Tiki on Sesame Street. He was learning about the word quest. He was on a quest to learn about quest. It was so clever. Greg said Tiki must have been on a quest for something else. Something staring with the letter "P" perhaps. Grover, can you please explain this to Tiki in terms he might understand.
  5. Jesse James, really? You are sleeping beside of Sandra Bullock every night, and you take comfort in the arms of a tatted up HO! Don't get me wrong, I never thought the guy with the "get paid" tatoo in the palm of his hand was a boy scout, but you cheated on the girl next door. Way to go IDIOT. New rule, if your wife is adored by millions, sick with cancer, or pregant, try to keep "little willie" in your pants. We are sick of you cheaters!
I shant over do it. Baby steps!