Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swiit - They Won!!! You Gotta Sii, You Gotta Sii

UPDATE: B's crew won this week. 500 bones and a grill. Wow! Now they are in the hunt for $5k. Keep watching, keep commenting, keep spreading, keep believing. Don't stop believing. Hold on to that feeling!!

Go watch, vote, and comment on this video. My good friend B-Tim did this and it is so funny. He is competing in the I Am T-Pain contest.

View it, rate it, watch it, spread it. Like H1N1 baby!!!

Go here to leave your comments: We Heart B-Tim and his mad skills

This thing needs to go World Wide!!! Yeah B Tim!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Welcome Team C

Team C doesn't always make the Pumpkin Party. They are huge ASU fans (it's great to be a mountaineer!), and sometimes the game wins. This was not to be one of those years. Woo Hoo!

I also recently did their Christmas pictures, but I can't show you! They might be coming to a mailbox near you any second.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yeah BFF

BFF and her klan made the big trip to Pilot Mountain, and she came bearing gifts. How cool is that? Hostess gifts. I swear, I never think of these things, and if I do, all that comes to mind is something goofy. I suck at gifts. Bff does not suck at such things. In fact, its sort of in her DNA. Miss Faye ingrained this quality in her. A lady never shows up at a party without a hostess gift. Duh. These lessons were lost on me. Just like that whole crap about white after Labor Day. Lost!

Anyway, I got this awesome towel that was Monogrammed with a super cool "O" and it had ruffles and witch feet. It was one of the most adorable things ever. I am totally going to take a picture and update the blog. You need to see it. I hope I get one at Christmas with elf or Santa feet. Miss Faye made it which makes it even more special. Man I do wish Miss Faye and Ed would move back to Winston so we could craft all of the time.

I also got these cool blocks with "b" "o" "o" on them. It was adorable.

Bff is so special to me! I love watching her in the roll of Mommy. She's just so stinkin' good at it!

I love this one of LK. Doesn't she look so concerned? And this dress, good Lord. Guess who found it? Yep, Miss Faye!

Now, she didn't actually say these words, but what I hear LK saying in this one is, "Would someone please move Eli? I am certain he is in my shot!" You are correct baby girl, he was in your shot, but it is still stinkin' cute.

I do love this one of BFF and her fam, but note that she isn't looking at me. She gave ol' kben her camera and she is looking at him. This is why two people should never shoot at the same time. Thank you Big T and LK for looking at Aunt Weedie.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Team Tran

The Tran's always dress up. Always. Last year K was Sarah Palin. Funny! This year she was NOT Holly from The Land of the Lost even though Greggie swears she was. Ummmm, Greggie she would know, it was her costume. Hello! K I am dressing up next year. I promise!

These children are a riot. I am sure by next year there will be another little Tran. K and K make such cute babies. They aren't done. More Trans to come.

I hope Kinsley keeps this personality. Can you imagine what a fun adult she will be? I want to be filled with that kind of joy!

Lo Swide and Her Peeps

Now little Lo holds a very, very special place in my heart.... she was born on my birthday. There's something special about sharing your birthday with someone. She is exactly 36 years younger than me.

J and K spent the first of many Halloween Parties to come with us. K was like an old pro. You would have thought everyone had been friends for a million years. I love that pumpkins are so uniting!

It is pretty obvious that J and K are crazy about this baby girl and vice verse. How could anyone resist that grin?

The P Family

S. Page routinely makes my day. That's what she does. She always, always, always remembers my birthday and she gives the most thoughtful gifts. I know that sounds like I like to get presents from her, but that's not what I mean. She's thoughtful. Before the pumpkin party mess was even cleaned up she sent out a thank you. How nice is that? Not just some bobo thank you, but a very thoughtful, super cute Halloween thank you. That's just how she rolls.

And Little A. Good grief. Who knew a tiny version of her daddy could be so gorgeous? Who? You look at E and the first thing that comes to your mind is not "man, he would make a cute girl!", but then you look at Little A and you see how true it is.

Little A is a talker and a half. I swear it's like talking to a grown person. She's pretty impressive. She's also really shy, but once she warms up.....LOOK OUT!

We didn't think E would make it. He had just pulled a 24 hour shift (paramedic), but just like the mail man, nothing stops E. I was so happy he made it. Not only do he and A look a lot alike, they both are great at keeping folks smiling. E is the life of the party!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Team Poston

This was the first ever pumpkin party for the Poston's. I think they had fun, but I swear I didn't talk to them for more than 10 seconds.

Melissa and I have been friends since Mother Theresa was a girl. We were even roommates in college. We go way, way back!!

Her kiddos are adorable and as you can see, Skylar loved him some Caleb. I didn't even get a picture of Caleb and Abagail alone.

Caleb is the funniest kid ever. He has been dressing/acting like a super hero forever. He always has a costume on. I looked out at one point and he was running through the yard with a cape on. I am convinced he WILL be a super hero when he grows up.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sweet T and John D

Sweet T busted it up to Pilot Mountain with JD. JD has been to a lot of the Pumpkin Parties past and he always has the best time of anyone. He did not disappoint this year. That boy cracks me up. He used to be this shy little boy who wouldn't even look you in the eye. Now, you can't shut him up, but why would you want to???

T is one of the most precious people you will ever meet. She left hubby and JackJack at home. When she was leaving my house I noticed that she only had one treat bag. She didn't just assume I had made one for JackJack too. Really? Come on T, you know I would never leave JackJack out. Get your fanny back in my house and find that boy's bag.

The Three Little Piggs and their Mom

S. Pigg rolled up to the Pumpkin bash with her precious girls in tow. I know they hate it when people call them the three little piggs, but it is their last name and there are 3 of them and I mean it with love so I give myself the get of jail free card on this one.

S and the girls had a great time, and we loved seeing them. S sure loves to squeeze on my boy and he is a big fan of her abundant bosom. My boy is quite the boob man!

Doesn't S. Pigg make some pretty little girls? I sure think so!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

4 Men and a Little Lady

The B Family

Little B

Big B

The B Family has made quite a few of the Pumpkin Parties. This year all 3 boys were ready to get in on the action, and action there was. Middle B accidentally took a swim in the khoi pond. Good grief, I just about swallowed my tongue. Mom was concerned that everyone thought her a terrible mother. Ummm, no. We were all thinking, hmmmm, I am surprised that wasn't my child.

K is one of the best mom's I know. After Oldest B was born, she told corporate America to take a flying leap, and she's been at home ever since. Good for you K! She also delivered number 3 at home in her garden tub. Really? Yep! Also, she home schools these boys. Ain't nobody judging your mommy skills my friend. We all pale in comparison.

Besides, little boys are supposed to jump in ponds. That's what they do. Next year, I am gating that thing off. I don't know if you watch the office, but that was just a story line last week. Who puts a fish tank in the ground and doesn't rope it off?

I love that little P didn't let this discourage him from taking a photo. You should have seen the look he shot old momma when she shuddered at the thought of a lasting photographic memory. Little P didn't share her disdain, shame, or embarrassment. In fact, he smiled bigger and brighter than anyone in the bunch. Kudos too you little man, we should all be so brave!
Middle B after his "swim"

Young Love

Love was in the air at the Pumpkin Party. Have I mentioned how much fun we had? I didn't get chance to carve a pumpkin this year, but I like to think that I symbolically carved a pumpkin with all of the pictures that I took. And to think, I gave C.Nix a hard time for saying he wasn't going to carve one.
Ant and Little Mick. Do you see how cute Mick's little pumpkin is?

Ant, Jeff and Little Mick

This was the first Pumpkin Party for Ant, J, and little Mick. Ant and J have just reunited after almost 20 years apart, and they are a couple of smitten kittens. I had a hard time getting a picture of them not smooching. How stinkin' adorable is that? I am a sucker for a good love story, and have they got a story to tell.....

Young Love

It means so much to me to see this giant smile on Ant's face. You have no idea how long I've waited to see this site. Ant is a lesson in a lot of things, some more than others.
  1. You CAN always go home again.
  2. It's never too late to start over.
I am so proud of Ant and her little family. She's back in school to be a nurse, and happily in love. Also, she hasn't aged a day. Who gets that lucky?