Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Yeah BFF

BFF and her klan made the big trip to Pilot Mountain, and she came bearing gifts. How cool is that? Hostess gifts. I swear, I never think of these things, and if I do, all that comes to mind is something goofy. I suck at gifts. Bff does not suck at such things. In fact, its sort of in her DNA. Miss Faye ingrained this quality in her. A lady never shows up at a party without a hostess gift. Duh. These lessons were lost on me. Just like that whole crap about white after Labor Day. Lost!

Anyway, I got this awesome towel that was Monogrammed with a super cool "O" and it had ruffles and witch feet. It was one of the most adorable things ever. I am totally going to take a picture and update the blog. You need to see it. I hope I get one at Christmas with elf or Santa feet. Miss Faye made it which makes it even more special. Man I do wish Miss Faye and Ed would move back to Winston so we could craft all of the time.

I also got these cool blocks with "b" "o" "o" on them. It was adorable.

Bff is so special to me! I love watching her in the roll of Mommy. She's just so stinkin' good at it!

I love this one of LK. Doesn't she look so concerned? And this dress, good Lord. Guess who found it? Yep, Miss Faye!

Now, she didn't actually say these words, but what I hear LK saying in this one is, "Would someone please move Eli? I am certain he is in my shot!" You are correct baby girl, he was in your shot, but it is still stinkin' cute.

I do love this one of BFF and her fam, but note that she isn't looking at me. She gave ol' kben her camera and she is looking at him. This is why two people should never shoot at the same time. Thank you Big T and LK for looking at Aunt Weedie.

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