Thursday, November 5, 2009

The P Family

S. Page routinely makes my day. That's what she does. She always, always, always remembers my birthday and she gives the most thoughtful gifts. I know that sounds like I like to get presents from her, but that's not what I mean. She's thoughtful. Before the pumpkin party mess was even cleaned up she sent out a thank you. How nice is that? Not just some bobo thank you, but a very thoughtful, super cute Halloween thank you. That's just how she rolls.

And Little A. Good grief. Who knew a tiny version of her daddy could be so gorgeous? Who? You look at E and the first thing that comes to your mind is not "man, he would make a cute girl!", but then you look at Little A and you see how true it is.

Little A is a talker and a half. I swear it's like talking to a grown person. She's pretty impressive. She's also really shy, but once she warms up.....LOOK OUT!

We didn't think E would make it. He had just pulled a 24 hour shift (paramedic), but just like the mail man, nothing stops E. I was so happy he made it. Not only do he and A look a lot alike, they both are great at keeping folks smiling. E is the life of the party!

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