Sunday, November 1, 2009

4 Men and a Little Lady

The B Family

Little B

Big B

The B Family has made quite a few of the Pumpkin Parties. This year all 3 boys were ready to get in on the action, and action there was. Middle B accidentally took a swim in the khoi pond. Good grief, I just about swallowed my tongue. Mom was concerned that everyone thought her a terrible mother. Ummm, no. We were all thinking, hmmmm, I am surprised that wasn't my child.

K is one of the best mom's I know. After Oldest B was born, she told corporate America to take a flying leap, and she's been at home ever since. Good for you K! She also delivered number 3 at home in her garden tub. Really? Yep! Also, she home schools these boys. Ain't nobody judging your mommy skills my friend. We all pale in comparison.

Besides, little boys are supposed to jump in ponds. That's what they do. Next year, I am gating that thing off. I don't know if you watch the office, but that was just a story line last week. Who puts a fish tank in the ground and doesn't rope it off?

I love that little P didn't let this discourage him from taking a photo. You should have seen the look he shot old momma when she shuddered at the thought of a lasting photographic memory. Little P didn't share her disdain, shame, or embarrassment. In fact, he smiled bigger and brighter than anyone in the bunch. Kudos too you little man, we should all be so brave!
Middle B after his "swim"

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