Saturday, April 30, 2011

Thanks Easter Bunny!

Avery had a great third Easter. How in the world is this possible? 3 Easters already. We didn't get an Easter outfit this year, but the Easter Bunny did bring a little basket. Avery was pretty happy with all of the "cannie"!

Belated Birthday

Sydney Grace had her 3rd Birthday, and I didn't blog about it. There are a million excuses, but better late than never.

Is is she not one of the cutest kids ever?

Happy Third Birthday Pretty Girl!!

Fun with Friends

Avery and I have been trying to do a little more "stretching our wings" when we have the time. Instead of sitting at home, we have been trying to get out a little. Avery's school was closed Good Friday and Easter Monday. I did a wedding on Saturday and Greg had school all day Easter Sunday. Total side note, Greg had his best semester so far: A- (x2) and a A!! {suh-weet!}

Avery and I went to hang out with Jamie and LoLo on Easter Monday. We went to their playground and we had a fun time. It is amazing how much joy 2 year olds get out of stale bread!! The enjoyed it more than the ducks!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Make Eggs, EGGGGSSSSS!

I wrote Avery's name on this one when he wasn't looking

In order to make eggs EGGGGGSSSS, you first have to hard boil them just right. I scoured the internet until I found the best method.

Take cold eggs, place them in a pot, pour cold water over them until they are 'just covered'. Put them on the stove, uncovered, until you start seeing the tiniest bubbles, and the eggs just start dancing. Turn off the eye. Immediately put a lid on the pot, leave the poton the hot eye, and wait for at least 17 minutes. Viola!

Avery ready for the action

Now, while the eggs are finishing, put your dye tablets in cups with 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and allow the tablets to dissolve. You will hear them fizzing and your stomach will get all jumpy with excitement with the sound.

To each cup of color tablet, add 1/2 cup cold water.

You should be close to 17 minutes now. Drain your eggs, and rinse with cold water. I put them back in the fridge as I finished my preparations.

When you are ready, put those beautiful plain white eggs in to color of your choice and WAIT. I wait for a good long time. The longer you wait the richer the color, and subsequently, the longer you are spending time with the people you love!

Now, once you are ready for the extraction, I recommend tongs. Yep, you heard me tongs. Be sure and clean between cups or you will very quickly have all brown or grey dye.

Such a proud Dad!
I also recommend using the wax crayon to write names.

After drying a sharpie is a nice way to add some details. Now, if you have followed all of my steps correctly your eggs should now be EGGGGGSSSSS!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

School Pictures Cost More Than A Gallon of Gas

The same guy comes to Avery's school a couple of times a year. He sets up somewhere and they parade the kids in to him. It is a freakin' cash cow. You set up one time, he's there for a couple of days, and they lead them to you like sheep. He pulls the same "stunt" every time. He zooms in to one or more of the pictures and passes them off a a whole "separate" pose.

Don't get me wrong, I know school pictures are a must, but the prices? Seriously? I hope the school is getting a cut, but if that is the case, I haven't been told. For 7 digital images (2 of which are the same picture, and it is just a cropper version of another pic) I would have to pay $75. For 5 digital images. He puts them on a CD with Avery's name handwritten. It isn't anything special. I bought it last time, and I accidentally deleted one. It wasn't even write protected.

This guy isn't scouting locations, waiting for the perfect pose, or getting the kids in their own elements, but he is comfortable charging these prices. I do think Avery's pictures are really cute, but I think the price is OUTRAGEOUS and UNREASONABLE. I wish I could get $75 for 5 digital images. Trust me, my camera bag would be much fuller, and I would own some cool software.

So get a load of these prices:
Package C
1 8x10
2 5x7
4 3x5
8 wallets

Package B
2 8x10
2 5x7
4 3x5
16 wallets

Package A
1 10x13
2 8x10
4 5x7
4 3x5
24 wallets

Or make your own package:
8x10 $15.oo
2 5x7 $15.00
8 Wallets $15.00
4 3x5 $15.oo
1 10x13 $20.00

CD of all 7(5) digital images only $75. What a deal! This guy has got quite the gig! Oh yeah, did I mention that I will be charged $5 if I don't return these negatives with the word PROOF written in the middle of them. SERIOUSLY?

My First Traffic Stop

Well, I am 38 years old, and I experienced my first traffic stop last sunday. I am very happy Avery was along with me for this little adventure. He loves the lights, so he wasn't overly scared.

Here's is how it went down, and I will keep my "opinion" out of it as much as possible. Avery and I had made our weekly trip to the grocery store. When we were pulling out, Greggie pulled in so we chatted with him for a minute, then Greg pulled out and I followed.

If you've ever been to the Lowe's Foods/Just Save in Pilot, you know that pulling out can be a bear. You are basically pulling out in front of people coming up a giant hill, hence you can't see what's coming. Anyhow, Greg went and Avery and I waited. We got out a couple of cars later, and as I pulled out, I saw headlights coming. Not just any headlights, but the headlights of a police car. Mind you, I hadn't done anything wrong, but I was aware that five oh was behind me so I was extra careful, especially on my speed. Well, you go through two stoplights to get home. The first is a left with no arrow. I pull in to the intersection, wait, and low and behold, the light is about to turn and I am in the middle. Blerg, this cop is behind me, and I am not sure what the law is here. Generally I would make the right on yellow, or even red, the second the coast is clear, but this cop on my heels made me nervous. Well, I went for it because I was really in the middle of the intersection. I heard a weird nose, and realized he went for it too. At this point, I felt sure I was in trouble. He 100% ran the light, and it wasn't necessary. At this point, he has been behind me for about 1/2 a mile.

Avery can be a handful in the car, and I totally own being turned around backwards, wiping a noise, finding a sippie or passie, or pulling off a pesky stuck sock (Avery loves naked feet), but on this evening he wasn't making a peep. So, back to the cop, he follows me all through town, we are talking a total of no more than 3 miles he was behind me. We take our next right at the light, and just before we leave the town limits, BLUE LIGHTS. Avery immediately starts saying, "lights mommy, lights!" I pull over, tell him everything is fine, and assume I am getting a ticket for a left on red.

Get ready for it, and I will tread very lightly here. I know I have three friends who are married to police men. I know their jobs are hard, and I know they don't get paid what they should. I know they don't all SUCK. Now that the disclaimers are out of the way, let me get on with it. This guy comes up to the window, shines the flashlight in Avery's eyes, at which point Avery acts like a vampire melting at the very sight of light and screams, while covering his eyes like his life depends on it, "Light, eyes, AHHHHHHH!", then he says to me, the cop that is, "Do you know why I stopped you?" I pause for a moment, and think, hmmmm, just in case he isn't sure, I am not giving him a reason. I say, "nope!" This is where it really gets good, he says "you crossed the yellow line 5 or 6 times (at this point I am irate! was it 5 or 6? )." I am certain I rolled my eyes at him. I said nothing. I am telling you, I knew this joker was behind me, and we had been no more than 3 miles. I would think pulling me for a left on red made more sense, and I thought might have a tail light out. Anyhow, at this point he asks me if I have been drinking. Drinking? Are you kidding me? If anyone has been drinking it is you DS! I crossed the yellow line 5 or 6 times, are you kidding me. BS. Is this something they say to potential drunk drivers to get them arguing? And which was it 5 or 6? You were behind me for about 3 whole minutes. Did you lose count or does it get iffy for you after 3? GRRRRRRRR!

Anyhow, even though he suspects me of Drunk Driving, he doesn't give me a sobriety test or a breathalyzer and he lets me go. That made me even more mad. If you think someone hauling a toddler around is drunk, should you do more than ask them. Guess what, if I had been drinking my answer would have still be no!