Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How To Make Eggs, EGGGGSSSSS!

I wrote Avery's name on this one when he wasn't looking

In order to make eggs EGGGGGSSSS, you first have to hard boil them just right. I scoured the internet until I found the best method.

Take cold eggs, place them in a pot, pour cold water over them until they are 'just covered'. Put them on the stove, uncovered, until you start seeing the tiniest bubbles, and the eggs just start dancing. Turn off the eye. Immediately put a lid on the pot, leave the poton the hot eye, and wait for at least 17 minutes. Viola!

Avery ready for the action

Now, while the eggs are finishing, put your dye tablets in cups with 3 tablespoons of white vinegar and allow the tablets to dissolve. You will hear them fizzing and your stomach will get all jumpy with excitement with the sound.

To each cup of color tablet, add 1/2 cup cold water.

You should be close to 17 minutes now. Drain your eggs, and rinse with cold water. I put them back in the fridge as I finished my preparations.

When you are ready, put those beautiful plain white eggs in to color of your choice and WAIT. I wait for a good long time. The longer you wait the richer the color, and subsequently, the longer you are spending time with the people you love!

Now, once you are ready for the extraction, I recommend tongs. Yep, you heard me tongs. Be sure and clean between cups or you will very quickly have all brown or grey dye.

Such a proud Dad!
I also recommend using the wax crayon to write names.

After drying a sharpie is a nice way to add some details. Now, if you have followed all of my steps correctly your eggs should now be EGGGGGSSSSS!

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