Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cuss It, I Failed, but Check Out This Cake!

I really wanted to blog every day in February and I have failed. I am not making excuses, but I will offer an explanation. Yesterday morning we got out of bed and went straight to swimming lessons. From there we drove straight to Blaksburg to celebrate Avery's birthday with Greg's side of the family. We didn't get home until bedtime. Avery was fussy and I laid down in the floor beside of his bed. I woke up at 8:30 this morning about to pee my pants, still fully clothed with a horrible headache. UGH!

We had a great time in the Burg, and the highlight was this cake:

Greg's brother's Girlfriend (is that not the most ridiculous phrase ever?) Sara is a trained pastry chef. Everything she makes is an absolute masterpiece. You may recall her work from last year:

It is crazy to think about how much time, work, and talent goes in to something like this! I can't even imagine, and I have to admit, I am insanely jealous. I want to be this good at something. I keep trying to get her to open her own shop, but she just does this on the side, for fun!

Avery of course, loved it. Cars is his most favorite movie. He loves it. We were all in awe of it. Cutting it was sheer torture. Sarah even ate a piece. It seemed a bit like a cannibal to me, but after all of that hard work, I imagine you deserve a piece!!

The details were amazing. Tires, headlights, road signs, even cacti with flowers.

No detail went unnoticed. Lightning's real number is 95, but for today he was number 2. Isn't this cake worth missing a day for? I thought so.