Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Cakes and Desserts

They say it is in times of trouble that you find out who your friends are, for me, it has been quite the opposite. We have had the most fun with friends. Since Avery's arrival we have been to more parties, gatherings, and events that in the prior 36 years. When I decided I wasn't going to have a party for Avery's birthday everyone was very understanding, but they still wanted to see Avery for his big day. He must be the only little boy who didn't have a party, but had a group of people meet him at McDonald's with not one, but two desserts.

First of all BFF volunteered to make cupcakes. Now if you have ever been lucky enough to eat one of BFFs cupcakes you know the only thing to say was, OK! In typical BFF fashion she not only made cupcakes, she made two kinds of cupcakes, displayed them beautifully, and made these awesome picks to decorate them with. She can't help it, it is just how she rolls.

And yes, these cupcakes did taste as good as they looked. My own birthday is in about two weeks. BFF if you happen to read this, I would love to have more of the mini cupcakes in chocolate. MMMMMMMMmmmmmMMMMMM!

I had to include this shot of BFF and her sweet family. Look at Tommy being a sport with the happy birthday tiara. Those things came from the Dollar Tree and they were adorable!

Then Nanny, not to be outdone, stayed up until 3 in the morning making Avery his first Lightning McQueen cake. Pretty cool huh?

Avery went for it. He would have eaten the whole thing if I would have allowed it. Keep in mind, he had already eaten about three of the mini cupcakes at this point!

What a lucky little boy. No party, but three awesome people made three equally awesome desserts just for his second birthday. If that isn't a loved little boy, I don't know what is. Someday I will remind him just how lucky he is. I promise I will teach Avery the power of giving to others and we will share what little wealth we have!

BTW, if you are keeping score, in the month of February we have:
  • Been to Biltmore and had an awesome time.
  • Had two birthday parties, with three kinds of desserts.
  • Gotten a ton of birthday presents even though we said no presents ;O)
  • Seen the circus from the rafters.
  • Started swimming lessons.
We are making the most of these 28 days!

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  1. Awww, thank you for the shout out! It was an honor to celebrate and bake for that sweet boy. We love him (and his precious Mama!). xoxo