Sunday, February 13, 2011

True Love

Tomorrow is the big day. Love it or hate it, Cupid will make his rounds tomorrow. You know how I feel about Valentine's Day. If you don't, you haven't been listening. I say go big. Love it. No pun intended. Yes, it is a made up holiday. Yes, people will spend a ton of money on roses and cards. Yes, there will be tons of chocolate. So what! You don't have to conform. If you hate roses and chocolates, write a note, buy a box of cheesy kid's valentines, or make your own (Lindsey, we have missed a holiday with you and Mia!).

I think it is such a fun day. If you decide to be a big old grump about it, that is on you. Not me, I think I will spend the day sharing the love. You should do the same!

Today's Woot Shirt says it all.......

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