Thursday, February 10, 2011

Fun Stuff

Today I was looking for something for work and I stumbled upon this instead:

Now if you are still resisting Valentine's Day, surely this changed your mind right?

If you have 5 minutes you have to go here. Such cute stuff. Amazing how a typeo can lead to such cuteness!

Today got tense for a few minutes, and then Meghan told me the funniest thing. First of all she had a pair of boots delivered to work today. They were super cute and she put the on immediately. She told me she wanted some jeggings to go with them. She has the body for it, why not? After lunch Meghan told me she went out and bought her jeggings. Ready for the really funny part? She was wearing them. Even funnier? She put them on in the parking lot. Funny right?

Hold on, there's more. B came over to tell me about a customer that was unhappy. He called them promptly at 8 am est. Guess what? The customer is in California so he planned to leave a message. Guess what else? He didn't realize he had the customer's cell number. Double guess what next?? Yep, the customer answered at 5 a.m. their time. Hehehehehehe! There you are, you wanted something to be mad about, we aim to please. Poor B! I shouldn't have laughed, but I did. A LOT!

Tomorrow is Friday. Get excited, you've earned it.

I am dreaming of elephants, clowns, cupcakes, and little boy giggles. Happy Friday Ham Plate!

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  1. As a witness to BTim's early morning call, I can say that it was even funnier in person. Guess who had to put her head down when she heard, "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Susan? Is this a cell phone?"