Friday, February 11, 2011


I am super nervous. Silly right? A grown up, close to 40. So close I can taste it. I will, after all be 38 in just a couple of weeks. Nervous! As in I feel nauseous, I am not sure I can do it, nervous! In just a few short hours I will be getting in to the pool, in public, in a bathing suit. Man alive, I do hate the thought. It is true, we really will do anything for our kids won't we? Oh well, God forbid the guys over at the Y in King don't think I'm hot anymore after they see me in my bathing suit. Eeeek!

Today I was reminded of two times when language was not my friend. The stories won't be funny in writing since a key part of them are pronunciation which is really hard to get across non-verbally. Let me just give you this tip. If you move in to a new house and you meet your neighbor, do not assume their name is what they say to you. How's that now? How would someone not know their own name. Well, they do, let's just say pronunciation is like Karma, she can be a cuss. My neighbor's name is "Mirm". Imagine squirm, with a "mi" in the place of the "squ". Mirm! Don't be surprised when 7 years later, you go to the mailbox and find a piece of mail in your box for someone by the name of Myriam Benge. Yep, Mirm! I'm just sayin'.

And, if someone invites you over to their house to eat "sopper", don't ask what's in it. It is made of different things you see, and everyone eats it. "Sopper" is a little thing I like to call dinner. Dinner can be eaten at home or in a diner. "Sopper", as I understand it, does not include animal intestine linings, no matter how much it sounds like it might. Maybe if my "soppers" and dinners were a little healthier, I wouldn't fear the pool so much. BLERG!

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  1. Hahahahaha! These stories were AWESOME! I'm so glad I got to hear them in person! I can't wait to hear how the Y was this morning!