Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dear Morgan Freeman, My Apologies

Ok, I feel really bad. I have been having mixed feelings about Morgan Freeman for quite some time now. First let me give you the "why's" before I give you the "for what's".

I have always loved Morgan Freeman. I think he is especially awesome in BatMan. Greg loves Shaw Shank Redemption. He watches it a ton! We are Morgan fans. My mom loves him in Driving Miss Daisy. Love him.

Anyhow, he had some mysterious car accident with his assistant that always seemed suspicious. Then he made this prom special on MTV. So, when I starting watching Teen Mom and it said, Executive Producer Morgan Freeman, I very foolishly assumed it was one and the same.

Poor Greggie hasn't watched Shaw Shank in months. Turns out Teen Mom is in no way, shape, or form related to the good Morgan Freeman.

Mr. Freeman, my apologies, and I did love the prom special. Sorry for assuming you got sucked in to Teen Mom. I should have known better. From this point forward I will refer to you as THE Morgan Freeman, and the other guy, That Douche that is NOT THE Morgan Freeman.

Love your movies!

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  1. Heart Morgan Freeman. One of my three favorite actors: Morgan Freeman, Adam Sandler and Christopher Walken.