Saturday, February 5, 2011

Curious Sisters That I Like to Blog Stalk

I have been following a blog for quite a while. I loved it and then the author almost died in a plane crash. Since then she has become quite famous, and if I am honest with you, a little too "sellish" since her recovery. Don't get my wrong, she has every right to earn a nice living and have nice things, and maybe it is all in my head, but it seems like her celebrity has changed her blog. She is always showing some gift sent to her or her children, or some speaking engagement, or selling her calendar. The calendar did it for me. That cuss calendar was mentioned about a million times. Again, she has a right to earn, I just miss the days of her honest blog about how much she was in LOVE with her husband (which kind of wore me out, she seemed to be in constant heat) and how much she loved her kids. I never loved everything she wrote, but I was most definitely a follower.

Then the small plane her husband was piloting fell from the sky and she was burned very badly, alive, and in a medical coma. This girl was beautiful, and she still is, but the accident really changed her look.

While NIE was sleeping, I started following her siter CJANE. CJANE is very alike and very different from her sister Stephanie. Her blog has also changed considerably since Stephanie's accident. I do still love both blogs, and I admire both writers.

I found this picture on CJANE's blog and I heart it so much I had to share. Isn't this the best picture? I think I heart it!

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