Friday, February 18, 2011

Angelcare AC401

I have heard many people discussing their most favorite baby item or the item that they found to be the most valuable, etc. For me, my most favorite is also the most controversial!

My friend Dawn had a very premature baby and they bought and loved the Angelcare. Then BFF had a baby and she got the Angelcare. To be honest, I don't know that I would have ever heard of or noticed the Angelcare had they not both told me about it.

Since I knew about it, when Avery came along I wanted the Angelcare, and people gave me crap about it. Seriously. Crap. Even when I got it as a gift people flat out told me I didn't need it.

First of all let me explain what the Angelcare does. It is just like a traditional monitor. If your baby cries, you hear it. It is a traditional monitor in that sense. What is does, that is amazing, is monitor your childs movement. If there is no movement in 20 seconds you get an alarm. I cannot tell you how much security this thing gave me. When Avery finally started actually sleeping for any period of time it was really scary. I wore myself out checking on him. Eventually I came to trust the monitor, and it didn't take long. If I woke up and Avery was still asleep I didn't have to go in and check on him. The monitor let me know he was ok.

I won't sell you on this, but let me just tell you this one thing. This monitor will let you know if your child stops breathing. It will keep you from running up steps or down hallways or across the house to make sure your little one is ok.

I can't imagine anything scarier than Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. It is such a scary, horrible thing. The monitor didn't remove any worry, but it did help. It helped tremendously.

Most people are going to have a monitor anyway. This one just does a little more. We had a handful of false alarms, and the first one was horrible. With each one it was a little less stressful. The monitor also measures temperature and can give you an alarm if the temperature drops below or goes above a certain level. Our heat went out in the middle of the night once. Greg and I didn't notice. We just slept through it, but the monitor let us know that the temperature had dropped below 60 degrees in Avery's room.

I have loved, loved, loved the Angelcare!!!

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  1. We have it too and LOVE it. When we saw it in the store we thought it was way overkill and got a cheaper one but after our first night with baby home in the crib we rushed out and bought it the next day. Kurt's going to keep it in her bed 'til she's 18. No sneaking out to meet boys for SB! Heehee