Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Biltmore Part 1 of TBD

Is there a place that you just love and you can't put your finger on why? Loving a place is one thing, but loving it and not being able to say just why is quite another. I had never been to Biltmore, and honestly never even considered it. Greggie really loves history, and he enjoys the mountains so it occurred to me we should try Biltmore.

We went and we LOVED it. Every time we go we LOVE it more. Going with four other people who love it makes it even more fun. This time we spent some time in the downtown area and it made me love Biltmore and Asheville. I really am in love with the area.

There wasn't a single flower in bloom, the grass was kind of brown/green, and the place was still stunning.

Thank you Biltmore for another amazing day! I wanted to take about a million pictures, but it was super windy and I feel like I bug the cuss out of people with my camera. I did manage to get a couple of reluctant shots from the peanut gallery!

First up was B-Tim. He is always such a serious poser. Doesn't this look like it could be on the cover of Men's Health or some fitness magazine?

Next, B-Tim's lovely bride, RA. RA is the best kindergarten teacher ever, so you won't find too many silly pictures of her out there. You've gotta be careful when you are a teacher.

As you can tell from RA's gloved hands, it had gotten pretty cool by this point. It gets cold in Asheville and it gets cold quick!

Who knew Christopher could be such a jokester. When we had our picture taken in the house he busted out the Charlie's Angel pose lickety split, but Ginger gave him the cut-it-out eyes and he opted for a sweet smile instead.
I managed to pull a little silly out of him for this one!

Then there was Ginger. I was expecting pure seriousness and a stoic nice smile. Well surprise, surprise, surprise. Look who has a freak flag, she just doesn't fly it:

The Vanderbilt's were no sticks in the mud and they built this house for fun and relaxation. I am sure it brings them great joy to know people are having this much fun in their front yard!

Wait until Ginger blogs about the creepy grown up couple making out in the Halloween room. In their defense they had just passed what I think may be the only nude image in the whole house (I had never actually noticed it before), they were right past the bowling alley, and we had just been through a party room. If that doesn't get you worked up what will? I am just sorry I missed it. Both Ginger and RA looked like they had just been pepper sprayed or seen santa with his pants around his mistletoe!


  1. We LOVE Biltmore. And we LOVE Asheville. As soon as we can get away from the big city of Charlotte we are moving to the mountains, buying some land and starting up a goat farm. Wanna join our commune? It'll be awesome.

  2. we do, we do, we do!!! pretty please??

  3. OMG - the making out people...WHO DOES THAT??? And they were totally old enough to know better, too!

    Love the post...people should know there are a lot of Ouida pictures to be shared as well. Just sayin'.

  4. Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying your frequent blogging?

    Men's Health? Suuuuure there's a six pack under that coat...