Tuesday, February 15, 2011


  • Today was a super weird day. It was a little bit frustrating, a little bit reassuring, at little bit scary, and a whole lot long. Well, at least the part between 8 and 5. Have you ever witnessed something that left your jaw dropped, but felt helpless to do anything about it? That describes my today.
  • Avery's new class at school continues to be awesome. His teacher, both of them actually, is/are great. Our mornings are so much better. Avery still gets upset, but Miss Shanda has this weird gift. She just holds out her arms, picks Avery up, and watches me out the door. It sounds so simple, but it works. He jumps right up to her, remains a little skeptical, but I can leave without a giant lump in my throat and I usually get a little grin, a wave, and sometimes he blows me a kiss. I cannot express in words how awesome this is. I still really miss the daily sheet and feel lost without it. My boy really is a big boy now!
  • I know I talk about it a lot, but today's Woot Shirt is awesome. I really had to reason with myself pretty hard not to buy it. It really is awesome right? Both Ginger and Lindsey had the same reaction when they saw it. "Wow, I wish this really existed!" Well, yes. That would be the ultimate right? You are sitting there, all stale and dusty, and you hear it. It is quiet and first, and you aren't sure you are hearing it. Is it your imagination? No! You definitely hear it. Yep! It is the fresh idea truck. I think we could all use a fresh idea. Me, I would want something cool, like Jelly Bellys. Good one! Jelly Beans have only been around as long as Jesus, but this guy comes around, adds a few flavors, makes them smaller, and exceedingly more expensive and calls them Jelly Bellys. Well done old lad, now that's a Fresh Idea.
  • Do yourself a favor now. If you haven't seen the movie Leap Year rent is ASAP. This is such a cute little movie. I instantly added it to my Wath-a-go-zillion-times list. You will too. Unless you are B-Tim, and you will just roll your eyes and curse me for mentioning it. It really is a chick flick, but a good one. Greggie might kill me for saying so, but he liked it too! I should admit that my movie love doesn't run too deep. I like to smile, feel good, and have a nice happy ending.
  • Do you think FaceBook has changed the way you use the internet? It is the weirdest thing. I was thinking about it today when I needed to escape to a happy place. I used to check CNN daily. I cannot remember the last time I went to CNN, other than today, and it was down most of the day. You can bet your sweet cuss I check FB several times a day. Weird right? Do you think it will wear off, go away, or just get bigger? Will something else come along? I am so curious to see.
  • Total side note. For Avery's Birthday I didn't want to have a party. It was so stressful last year, and I felt like I missed the whole thing. We just me a few friends at McDonald's and let Avery play on the play land. It was perfect. We did miss a lot of our friends, but it was so nice not to be stressed. I bought these little happy birthday crowns at the dollar tree and they ended up being the coolest things ever! The Dollar Tree really is an awesome place isn't it? It isn't just me that feels this way right??

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