Friday, February 25, 2011

Teen Mom 2

I really like watching Teen Mom on MTV. This is not something I am proud of and every time I mention it in front of B-Tim he gives me the most giant eye roll you have ever seen. I take it like a champ. I know he is right. It is a horrible show. It is ridiculous, but is it a huge black eye on the part of MTV?

Greg argues that it is completely irresponsible of them to produce the show, that Morgan Freeman should be totally ashamed of himself, and that Dr. Drew is a total sell out. I can't decide. Girls are going to get pregnant with or without this silly show. I can't imagine that there are girls out there that are really getting themselves down with the preggers just because they want to be on MTV. That is insane isn't it?

Can anyone be watching these girls and thinking I want to be like them? Surely not. Don't get me wrong, some of these girls seem to have moments of clarity, but for the most part the are raging dip cusses. I watch with my hand clutched to my chest.

I was petrified when Farrah put her baby in a sink full of water for her bath, and walked in to the next room to sit on the couch while the baby soaked. Seriously, she had one of those open kitchens so she could see the baby, but her freakin' back was to the kitchen. Then the baby turns on the hot water and cries out. I swear, how these babies stay alive is a mystery to me. I am convinced that special angels watch over these babies. They have to. I promise you, if I put Avery in the kitchen sink and walked away he would have landed in the floor on his head.

In another episode Amber ate a steak and baked potato and then left her steak knife right at the baby's level. For real? Not to mention the language she uses and she literally beats up the baby daddy. Literally.

Please explain to me why it never occurs to these girls that their children deserve more. That they are worthy of better? Why don't they want to do more for their children?

The new season is out and I want to shake the crap out of these girls. Why are they entitled to anything? Why do they think they just deserve stuff? The cutest little girl lets some deadbeat schmooze live in her house and contribute NOTHING!!!! Girls are so freakin' stupid. I know I was stupid too, but for the love of gettin' it done, you have a KID! Get your head out of you tiny teenage A** and be a grown up. NOW!

I do applaud the sweet couple who were raised themselves by TOTAL IDIOTS, but had the good sense to let their precious baby girl be adopted giving her a descent shot at life. They seem like some really, really sweet kids. They are wise and mature beyond their years and certainly beyond their raisin'!

What do you think?


  1. I swear, I will figure out this publish thing if it kills me!!! I now know 2 ways to screw it up! UGH!

  2. Geeze, Ouida! I just about had a heart attack thinking that THE Morgan Freeman has something to do with Teen Mom! You shouldn't scare people like that. I had to google it to realize that there is some impostor Morgan Freeman out there who makes movies people don't watch and TV shows that corrupt the youth of America. ;-) J/k - I get sucked in too!

  3. I was thinking the SAME THING about Morgan Freeman! Maybe they think because they have a camera crew around, they have "help" raising their baby - like "I can walk away becasue one of these other 10 people will help me if something happens."

  4. confession, i thought it was THE Morgan Freeman. He did this prom show on MTV where he paid for the kids to have a prom. It was a special. I assumed they had sucked him and and sucked his brain out along the way. I will have to tell Greggie it is ok to start watching Shaw Shank Redemption again!

  5. Eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyeeeeee Rooooooooooooooll. Did the giant-ness come through?