Friday, February 4, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I Love You, Tomorrow, Your Only A Day Away....

I have been looking forward to Tomorrow for a while now. Sometime in November/December I said to Ginger, casually, I thought, that as a Biltmore season passholder if she couldn't find anyone to take her free tickets Greggie and I would love to use them. Well, imagine how thrilled I was when Ginger asked me if we wanted to take her up on the tickets! I was over the moon excited. Biltmore is EXPENSIVE, but worth every penny.

Just a few days ago it occurred to me how incredibly rude and forward it was of me to do what I had done to Ginger. Honestly, she and Christopher have the MOST friends of anyone I know. They both have siblings and parents in the area in addition. Ginger is such a nice person, and I am sure once I asked her for those tickets she would have never considered just telling me no.

So tomorrow, I am going to Biltmore. Sorry friends and family of Ginger. I have weasled my way in to your free pass. Please don't hate me, I didn't do it on purpose. The year Greg and I were season passholders we had a devil of a time giving our free passes away. We are not as popular as Team Nixon!!

Tomorrow is also Avery's very first swimming lesson at the King YMCA. I am so excited. Greggie has agreed to be the parent in the pool. I dodged a bullet there. I am hoping lots of fun pictures will follow!

Today, however, is the most precious little boy's birthday, Skylar Christian Lawson, a little boy who came along and saved us all. (Part of this post was deleted, not because it wasn't true, but because some wildly misinformed "anonymous" coward who "knows my family well" is raising my blood pressure with untrue, unsubstantiated comments, that I will not rebut here.) Wild horses couldn't keep me away from this boy. Happy Birthday sweet Skylar. You are still my best pal!

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  1. Psh! Whatever. It was a blast having you guys join us! I want to do it again tomorrow!