Sunday, October 4, 2009

Things I Promise to Blog About this Week (all 7 topics covered with time to spare thank you very much!)

1. I went to the Dixie Classic fair, with not one, but two families and it was AWESOME. I can't wait to Blog you all about it.

2. I completed my first 5k. 5k is far. My bones hurt.

3. My loathing for a Greensboro police officer. That's right, I said LOATHING. This deserves its own post. Trust me.

4. Avery can now sit up from a laying position. I will stick this story on his blog. He also has another ear infection. :0( I do LOVE that boy.

5. I have officially written the outline to my first children's book, complete with notes for the accompanying illustrations. This book is going to change my life. I can feel it in my bones. Please Lord, let me be right not just achy from the 5k. (nevermind, i did a couple of hours with of research and it appears that my odds of winning powerball are better than the odds of ever getting a children's book published. oh well!)

6. Has anyone missed my daily updates? I've missed writing them.

7. The Big Bang Boom Band. Won't you love them with me? They need a FaceBook page. I hate MySpace. ugh!


  1. (1) I love the DCF! People watching there is priceless.
    (2) I am SO proud of you for running a 5K! Next thing you know you'll be running a marathon.
    (3) I am even prouder (er, more proud?) about the book - you are so flippin' talented it's ridiculous. You'll write a fantastic children's book and we will buy the first copy!
    (4) I can't wait to meet Mr. Avery - he's getting so big. Can't believe he can sit up already by himself.
    (5) I've missed your updates. I'm glad you at least comment on my blog so I don't get lonely.
    (6) We can't wait to see you guys soon. SB already has 3 halloween outfits and we're narrowing down a costume...leaning towards monkey I think. Savannah can be a banana.

  2. I know at least 1 Greensboro Police Officer that loves you still....and his girlfriend does too!

  3. Geeze, Ouida...SEVEN posts to write and only four more days left in the week...

    Just sayin'

  4. YES, I did miss your daily posts - and now I'm wondering why it's Tuesday and we didn't get one yesterday :)