Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blerg...Why Do I Let Myself Get Sucked In?

On the way home tonight Greggie asked me if I heard about the little boy who got in some type of weather balloon and floated off in to the clear blue yonder. "No" I say. "What are you talking about?" Greggie proceeds to tell me that this kid has some dad who is a weather nut. For the record, I want to tell him that this it the pot calling the kettle black as Greggie is quite the weather nut. I even bought him a weather calendar a couple of years ago.

Anyhow, he goes on and on about how this balloon looks like a giant Jiffy Pop, that it went up to about 7000 feet, somehow they brought it down sans kid, and that a sheriff remembers seeing something fall off of the balloon. By the end of this story I am quietly sobbing. Sobbing I tell you. My stomach is churning and I am imagining this poor child laying somewhere in the woods and how terrible his parents must feel.

Then I get home......I called my mom and my sister answered and she tells me that this couple has been on Wife Swap (which I will not link to because it it TRASH as my friend Emmett would say). I have watched one entire episode of wife swap and it was these people. They weren't wearing matching shirts, but they did wake their kids up in the middle of the night to chase storms. Really, I would wake my boy up in the middle of the night to run to the basement to avoid a storm, but who am I to judge? Ain't nobody bringing the Mother of the Year Award to my house.

The good news is this, even though these people don't share my parenting style, the boy was safe. Just as Greggie had predicted, and I am not sure if he believed it or if he just wanted me to stop crying, the boy was hiding. I would wear his tale out, after I squeezed him up and loved on him for at least one whole hour.

One of my dear friends just warned me that you can't believe everything you see on the news, and that there is always another side to every story. Had I realized these people were the folks from Wife Swap I might not have cried. I've seen those kids in actions and I would have assumed that little sucker was hiding somewhere too. Those kids were off the hook.

Now I can't stop thinking about Jiffy Pop. I might have to dash out to Lowe's foods. MMMMMMMMMM

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