Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The DUMB Duggars - This is not a nice post

Ok, I am going to admit that I watch 18 kids and counting when I get a chance. Now, that isn't very often, but before the boy, I watched it A LOT. These jokers have like a billion kids, ok, they have 18, but I am feeling sour.

Tonight while I was loading the dishwasher it was on and I heard them saying that they were going to some giant children's sale. This, of course, caught my attention. Me and my girls love a good sale so my ears perked up.

I turn around and realize that Michelle (the mom of this pack) and Anna (the pregnant daughter-in-law) are wearing the same shirt. WTF? I try to love them. They seem like good people, but matching shirts? Now keep in mind, when Anna and Josh got engaged, she and her mom were also wearing the same shirt.

What is up with these people? If your mom already owns the shirt don't buy it. If your mother-in-law swings by to pick you up and you happen to be wearing the same shirt you should CHANGE.

I guess I should shut my fat hole, TLC isn't knocking my door down to tell the world my story. Maybe if my mom and I start wearing the same shirt......

Also, I think Josh and Anna are in heat. Yuck!

Also, so you know I am not just a hater, I love, love, love The Little Couple. No matching shirts for Bill and Jen. They know better.


  1. OMG OMG OMG!!! I'm watching too, and I was JUST telling Christopher I needed to blog about them!!! My post was ALSO not going to be nice, but MINE was going to be about how Josh called Jim Bob and said "Anna's in labor" and Jim Bob said "are you guys at the hospital yet," and Josh said "we're thinking about doing a home birth..." WHAAAAA? Like that can't be tricky enough when planned properly - you just sit at home and think "eeeeh - I don't feel like putting my shoes on - let's do this here. Clear the couch off." OMG. (And the matching green shirts AND black skirts were so not okay.)

  2. Ouida, sweetie, I hate to say it doll but you are stripe fabulous in your blog-ography pic up there too. Are three stripes a crowd? (Gosh that was bad... need sleep)

  3. Two words and a breakfast cereal best describe that clan - cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. RA knows the best way to chase me from the room is to turn on that madness...