Thursday, October 8, 2009

Children's Book - Pie in the Sky or Possibility?

The Sad Little Nut got such a great response and several of the responses from here and FB made reference to a children's book. As you know, I have zero confidence in myself so this seems so silly to me. Here's the thing, since Avery came along, I feel motivated to push myself, so I sat down and seriously wrote out the outline of what I consider to be a pretty darn good start on a cute little children's book.

Then I started to research how one goes about publishing such a book. Turns out, you don't. If you aren't published or a celebrity, no one wants to read your stinking book. Well crap on a cracker. Celebrity seems to escape me and unless I've forgotten something big, I am not in print yet.

So, here's what I am thinking..... BTim says his mom is an illustrator at heart. Along with my outline I have ideas for 12 accompanying pieces of art work. If BTim's mom isn't game, I will have to find someone with an artsy bone, but then I am thinking I will use Ginger's big brain and little Mac and we will just freakin' print the thing ourselves. I will start a website, you all will follow and encourage me, I will beg my daycare to let me come there and read it, I will beg KWoo's daycare too, KWoo's kindergarten, BTim's wife RA's Kindergarten class, Skylar's First Grade class, any mommy group I can get to listen, and I will just start a following an publish independently. I already have an idea for 4 plush pieces which are adorable in my mind. I need someone to sketch them for me. They are so cute in my brain. So stinkin' cute....

Do you think this is totally insane or is it doable? Can the story of Avery and the Sad Little Walnut really happen? I think it can, I think it can....

This picture really has nothing to do with my post, but I love it, and I imagine this is the look people reading my little book would get on their faces. Awwwww.....


  1. Lookie here! I get to give my "suck it up and try anyway - Dr. Suess had to submit his first book 27 times before he got published" speech. What are the chances I would find another person to give it to? ...of seem to have a pretty hard-core backup plan, so perhaps I will adjust the speech accordingly. We will chat tomorrow about your options. ;-)

  2. WRITE THE BOOK! It will be great. You are so creative and you could tell the story with photographs instead of illustrations if you wanted to - that would be neat. You never know what can happen until you give it a go...I'm waiting for our autographed copy.

  3. Don't forget Ben B's daycare. This is HAPPENING!

  4. Go for it! And yes I read your blogs. I would start one but really... what do I have to write about??

  5. Kevin, Lo and I will read faithfully. And, I could start giving it as birthday and Christmas presents. That's at least 5-10 sales per year!! Do it!!