Tuesday, October 6, 2009

BFF and her Fam at the Fair Too!

Really? I get to go to the Fair with a whole pack of my favorite people, and the weather is great, and Greggie gets to come too. Life is good. That's not just fodder for bumper stickers ya know?

So, an already awesome day got even awesomer (not a word? I don't care!). Awesomer. That's right! Team Wood was coming to the fair too. S-uh-Weeeeeeeettt!

I took about a million and one pictures of LK at the fair, but most of them were of the back of her head. I couldn't get a good angle for the life of me.

I did get a few that I really liked.

Mommy and LK on the Merry Go Round

How many pictures do you think have been taken in front of this thing? I would really like to get a count. There's gotta be at least a million!

The Petting Zoo was one of LKs favs too. A girl after my own heart.

The Twins. Note the Office shirt. Nice touch Daddy.

I love the fair!!

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