Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Potato Shout Out!

I am bit embarrassed to admit this, but there is something I love at the Fair more than the petting zoo. Its true. MORE.

I love to go see the apples and potatoes that the little kids decorate. Every year I pick one that I love and I take a picture of it. My favorites are the ones that you can tell the kids did and not their parents. I don't know why every kid in the world doesn't participate in this. Seriously? Why? I would totally participate if I had the opportunity.

Here is my favorite potato:
Thank you little child who made this goodness. Hoot Hoot!

This is my favorite apple:

He just looks so stinkin' happy doesn't he?

I also wicked love the ginormous fruits and vegetables. Don't even get me started on this pumpkin.

The Fair really is the BESTEST!

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