Wednesday, October 7, 2009

5k Is A Long Way. Believe That!

Me, BFF, and CB Post Race

Let me explain how this all started.... it was so innocent. BFF says, "I'm running a 5k with CB." I said, "wow, that's awesome. I would like to do that. Good for you!" BFF says, "I would love for you to come." I say, "Cool, send me the information, I will totally do it." Several days pass and not word from BFF about the 5k. I assume she didn't want to hurt my feelings, but she didn't want my fat butt slowing her down which I completely understand. She was just being sweet, she didn't really think I would come. I am thinking, "Hallelujah, dodged that bullet. What was I thinking? I can't do a 5k!"

Well, it comes up again, and I don't want to dissappoint BFF and we are all doing the KK 5k, so I want to get a feel for what I am in for. Next thing you know, I am signed up for not one, but 2 5ks.

Getting to the 5k was an ADVENTURE. I left home without my glasses on. I have been wearing glasses since the 9th grade. Yet, I left the house without them. Not a good start. A start none the less. So, back home I go to gather the glasses. Gesh.

Anyhow, I get to BFFs house and we head out. We get to GBO just in the nick of time. If you aren't there by 8:30 you can't participate. Crap on a cracker, we were cutting it close. We get to the turn and there is a cop. I have on my left turn signal, he has one lane blocked, not both, he looks at me and he doesn't indicate that I can't turn, the light turns green, and I turn. This IDIOT starts yelling like I've just taken a hostage. Bear in mind, the person behind me turns too. Why wouldn't they? This brainiac cop is just standing there like a lump hoping people who aren't from Greensboro, who aren't sure where they are going, can read his tiny little mind. Well, not even with a super sonic miroscope dill hole! Really, you are indignantly standing in the road YELLING, "what are you thinking" while traffic from all directions is now pouring down the same street I just turned down. Meanwhile, I have created a major bottle neck in the Hardee's parking lot. I won't tell you what I yelled back, but I can assure you BFF nearly stroked out. I was full on RED NECKING. I am sure it was a sight, but we were against the clock and we didn't know where we were going!!

When someone yells at me like I am stupid I snap. SNAP. I did not act nice. Sorry you had to see that BFF, but if anyone at all knows the cop working the Hardee's enterance for the 5k please tell him that he sucks at his job and he needs a serious attitude adjustment. People paid $40 and came to your city to raise money for breast cancer. Try and play nice. You are a reflection of your city. I was not impressed. I am trying to be nice, I could go on.

Once we got to the race it was pretty tense, but I did end up with my bib number. It was pretty cool. Then I was able to relax and the whole thing got to me. I got totally choked up. My Aunt Brenda died of breast cancer and all week I mentally prepared myself that I would be strong. I would walk and not complain because I would walk a walk that she could not. I would walk for her. I tried not to think about what was going on, but I really thought I would lose it. I did not. I don't even think BFF noticed. I am pretty sneaky like that!

In typical Ouida fashion, I did manage to stick my foot in my mouth. I saw several girls with pink t-shirts and I said, "oooh, I like their shirts. why didn't we get pink ones?" BFF says, in her best mom voice, "they are survivor shirts, we want the yellow ones." Wow, I never miss a beat do I?

Back to the race, do not let me misrepresent my particpation even in the least. I did not RUN a 5k. I walked a 5k. I cramped up 40 seconds in to a 5k. Literally. I thought I might die, but I finished. I know I held BFF up. She could have run, but she walked with me. I feel so bad that I kept her from running. I tried to push myself so she wouldn't feel like she was held back, but I know she was.

After the race my legs felt like noodles and the emotions all came back. I did manage not to lose it, but my heart hurt. I am so glad I completed the walk, and I wish I could fall in love with running. I wish I could run. For now, I am just a fast walker with a wicked cramp, but I did it.

One down, one to go. More to come? Wait and see!!!


  1. I am so proud of you girls!! Next time will be easier!!

  2. Woohoo! First 5k - that's awesome, congrats! I think the next one will be even better because you get to break for donuts! ;-)

  3. Please give me more info on the next one....I wanna go!