Sunday, October 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Greggie and Me. No 7 Year Itch Here!

Tomorrow is my 7 year anniversary. Seven years ago today I was at a restaurant in Blacksburg that is no longer in business which is a shame because it was a great place to eat and it had a lot of character, Bogen's. When I look back on that day it feels like it was just a minute ago. I remember what I wore. A green Land's End v-neck sweater with a flowered shirt under it. I was overwhelmed with excitement, but frustrated with the details of the whole thing. Everyone had an opinion, and no one wanted to keep it to themselves. Getting married is easy, having a wedding is HARD.

So much has happened since that day 7 years ago.

Sadly, many of the people that were there on that day are no longer with us. It breaks my heart to remember that day and to look back on how much has changed. Three people who were very dear to me are gone. I am so glad they are a part of my memories of that day.

My grandmother was there, and I have a wonderful picture of the two of us. I was so glad she was there. She was the only grandmother I had left. Unfortunately, she didn't live to meet Avery. Since her passing there are no more family gatherings. She was the glue.

My Uncle Kenny, my above mentioned Grandmother's youngest child, a mere 9 years older than me, is also gone. I think this is the most shocking to me. I have never known a person more full of life and I can't imagine that I ever will. He left behind a devoted wife (who has since totally gone off the reservation, but that's a post for another day) and two sons in their early 20's. He drug them to my wedding and made them usher. They refused to wear their ties, but I didn't care!

My Uncle Jimmy, who would always correct me, because he wasn't my Uncle at all. He was my cousin. This fact didn't matter to me. He felt more like an Uncle, so that's how I referred to him. I remember vividly coming up the aisle and seeing him, my Aunt Ginny (also, not my aunt if you are keeping track), my cousins Susie and Chanda and being tickled to death. I even waived like I was in a parade. I am sure I looked like a total dork.

I remember that day I thought I could never love Greg more. Not the tiniest bit more. It would be impossible, but then I saw him with my son, and my love for him quadrupled (at least). In seven years we have accomplished so much and at the same time so little.

Life is a series of gambles, and for a girl with a long history of being unlucky in love, I can't believe that 7 years later I am married to my best friend with a beautiful baby quietly sleeping in a borrowed bed.

Happy Anniversary to me, and to Greggie, of course!

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