Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Kernel, My Kernel, How Do You Do That Thing You Do.....

Today was an interesting day, but at 4:30 it just turned plain YUMMY. If you haven't been to Kernel Kustard for the flavor of the day you either live out of town or you aren't a good listener. The flavor of the day today was Pumpkin Pie. Are you kidding me? Pumpkin Pie flavored frozen custard. Lordie Bee.....

This month is the downtown locations Grand Opening and they have some awesome deals going on. Yesterday was free kustard day. FREE! As in, you ain't go to pay fools. FREE. I missed fee day. Grrrrr.

I didn't think to take a picture, because I was too busy shoving this big old pile of goodness in my face. I did find this picture on some nice lady's blog. She thought to take a picture before she at her's. What a smart lady.


  1. Holy crap - I also had the Kernel on my list to blog about...

  2. we are going to have to start coordinating better!! check your fb. i sent you a farm friend!!

  3. So sad. I have never had the Kernel.