Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

Caleb, Abagail, and Skylar

The Halloween Party sometimes brings out the LOVE in people. I can honestly say that almost everyone has a big old smile on their face for most of the afternoon. We never get through a single year without some sort of an "incident". Someone gets bitten by a dog, someone falls, gets cut, gets mashed, gets poked, gets hit, something gets broken, someone's feelings get hurt. Something gets something every year.

However, these little "incidents" are always more like side notes to a great day. We get more of this than anything.
Wouldn't you love to know what is going through Kinsley's head in this one?

Marty and Marie

Kevin and Allison - What the what?

Sam might be feeling the love in this one, but Lillie looks more like her personal space has been violated!

Don't you just love a good excuse to get together? I do, I do!

Today is Pumpkin Pie Custard day at the Kernel. Wooo HOOOO!

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  1. Love, love the picture of Sam and Lillie!! They are so cute!