Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thank You ebay Karma!

Gesh! I was thinking I was about to be the owner of not one, but two Pumpkin costumes. In which case we were going to beg JSwide to let little Lo be a pumpkin too, but I just got the outbid notice from eBay. This woman probably called up one of her friends to run the price up on me. She has a bunch of car parts for sale too. I can hear it now, "Drema, girl are you busy? You have got to bid on this pumpkin costume for me. I sure as hell ain't sellin' it for 99 cents." Little did she know.....

Any who, I did win the dalmation hat which I am pretty excited about. I did end getting bid up a little at the end. $2.50 total (didn't make it to my high bid of $3), with $2.55 shipping. That will be his school costume and I am sure we can pass it on to one of our best girls, SBKN, for some really cute christmas pics too. That outfit with a red scarf will be ADORABLE.

I am not logging back in to eBay. I am going to make Greggie change my password and refuse to tell me what it is unless I am logging in to sell something!

1 comment:

  1. Ha!! I totally was thinking that I would take one off of your hands if you won them :) Looks like it worked out the way it for the best in the end. Can't wait to see pics of Mr. Avery on the big night!