Monday, September 28, 2009

The Sadness Continues

I though about this little guy several times today. What on Earth could I do to bring him a smile, or at least help that big honking head wound? It was then that my Mommy instinct kicked in and the answer hit me like a ton of bricks (maybe not the best analogy to use when writing about a head wound: memo to self, be more considerate). Anyhow, I would do what I had seen all of my mommy friends do for years and years. Put a cool band-aid on it. That will help. Right?

Well, if it is the thought that counts, I deserve at least a little credit. It did not, however, make the little guy smile. First of all, these band-aids aren't the greatest. The are short on stickability (is that a word?). They barely stick to human flesh, but this little guy has skin like an alligator. A teenage mutant ninja turtle can only be expected to do so much. Still no smile. I even turned on Avery's jack-o-lantern to show him how its done. Little jack did great, but the nut was not impressed. Not even a hint of a grin.

I did notice several other sad friends in the driveway tonight. I think there might be some kind of sad epidemic blooming on my hill. What in the world is causing all of this sadness. Don't they know the fair starts this Friday? You can't be sad when the fair is that close. It's just not natural.

Tomorrow I will try again. I just can't quit this nut!

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