Sunday, September 6, 2009

The "B"-eautiful Family

Didn't the B Family look great? Mom is so skinny that I can't stand it and dad is as cute as a button. Neither of them, however, hold a candle to little S. He is beyond adorable. All I really had to do was point the camera. Mother Nature took care of the rest. Between the Wonderful's and the Beautiful's, I am getting a BIG HEAD!

I really do love Old Salem as a backdrop. That area is gorgeous. I could have shot all night had the children been forgiving. They did great, but enough is enough!

I am a big fan of this family shot. Even prettier in color!

This little boy is beautiful, and I really don't care if his daddy thinks you don't call boys beautiful. I don't think he would care, but if he does, too bad. This boy is BEAUTIFUL!

I love the look on little man's face in this one.

Son, just give us 5 more minutes and then we will get ice cream. I promise!

Oh how I love that man of mine!

This arbor is amazing.

Have you met the Super Star?

......and there are more, but I am tired and the boy will be up at the crack of dawn. I am never more happy than when being a mommy and pretending to be a photographer.

I can't wait to hear what my families think. Please love them!

Thanks to you both for getting behind my lens. I really do love to click, click, click

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  1. Love all the photographs Ouida! You are so talented and both families are beautiful. Thanks for sharing! :)