Friday, September 18, 2009

eBay - Why Lord? Why?

eBay you temptress. You make it so easy to find anything we want, and I do mean anything. Did you know there are Sock Monkey Halloween costumes? Seriously? That is AWESOME.

So, I am on eBay, just poking around and I see this Pottery Barn pumpkin costume new with tags. It's ending in about an hour and there are no bids. I do some research and this costume has never sold for less than $12 and that was a used one. What the heck I think, I will bid. Really Ouida? You still need to return the too small monkey costume, you bought a Dalmation one piece with the tags still on it for $5 and you have a plan for a tail and hat to make it Avery's costume. Grrr, I am an idiot. Also, both BFF and KWoo have volunteered to loan me pumpkin costumes. What's the harm though? It will never sell for the minimum bid of $4.99 and shipping is $5.95. I am at most spending $10.94, and I am not going to win. My max bid is $5, someone else will bid, and I will not bid a penny over $5. Scouts honor.

Um, it's been an hour. No one bid against me. I am now the owner of a $10.94 pumpkin costume from Pottery Barn and it's new with tags.

Pretty cool. However, I didn't need to spend $10.94. Remember the two offers of loaners,

and the $5 Dalmation outfit,

also new with tags, from Gymboree?

Confession time, I am also currently the high bidder on an Old Navy pumpkin costume.

Current price .99. My high bid $3. Shipping $5.50. We are talking a max of $8.50.

That's not all, for the Dalmation suit, I found a matching Gymboree hat.

They are wicked expesive on eBay. I am the current high bidder on one. Current price $1.04. My max bid $3.00. Shipping $2.55. Max of $5.55.

Here's the thing, he can only wear one costume!

I used to pray Jenny style, Dear God, make me a bird so I can fly far, far, far away. I think I am going to start going Forest Gump style, Dear God, give me a brain so I can stop being an IDIOT!

Anyone need a Halloween costume? Seems like I am going to have about 85 of them.

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  1. I think you have a problem. Admitting it is the first step. Now back away from the ebay site.