Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Lord, Please Stop Sending Stray Animals to my House. I am Weak, but You are Strong!

9/13/2009 UPDATE - one kitten is now 2, what, oh what, oh what will we do. also, kook must have a whole house full of cats over there. momma wandered up today to collect her babies. it must have been her litter mate that bought it. until next week, when momma really does get crushed by the wheels of death....

Well, here we go again. The Linkous Family pet rescue is back up and running. Just when I think we are out of the animal rescue business, surprise, another animal in need is literally dropped on my doorstep.

A few of you have already heard this story, but let me recap for those of you who haven't heard. My neighbor, the super irresponsible pet owner, thought it would be a good idea to get a handful of outside cats. Now I don't know if this kook had been keeping them inside and just decided to turn them out or what. All I know is that suddenly there were a couple of cats living on my front porch. One was especially around a lot. Leigh and Nolan met her while she was taking a nap on top of Leigh's car. Anyhow, we tolerated her, but were concerned she would eat our khoi. I hated to get after her because I worried she would get in the road and get hit. I didn't see her pal too much, but he seemed a little dumber than her, and was hit no more than a week after I first saw him. There's nothing I love more than that sight as I pull from the drive.

Little lady seemed pretty smart. She looked both ways before crossing, so I thought she might be o.k. Then I noticed she was down with the preggers. She's been coming over all summer, so I figured she would have her brood at Casa de Linkous. Low and behold, the pregnant belly passed and no kittens emerged. We were so relieved. We have taken care of so many kittens, and we felt really lucky to have found a great home for our last find, Bootsie.

Fast forward to Wednesday morning. I am walking the dogs before dawn and I see something in the road right in front of our driveway. You guessed it, Little Lady. Well, I was pissed. What is wrong with people? We live on a freakin' drag strip, and your house if 5 feet off of the road. You CANNOT have outside pets MORON. I won't give you the details, as they are horrible, but the sight of her really made me cry.

Alas, today is Friday. We had a great dinner with my old pal Charlotte and her family along with the Timmo's and their pals Sarah and Ben. It was so nice. We ate the kernel outside and Avery was a dream. The flavor of the day was very yummy!

We get home and I am putting down a very tired little boy when Greggie comes in to tell me he heard "something" when he was walking the dogs. I could tell from the tone of his voice, that he knew stinkin' well what something was, but I had no idea. Turns out something was Little Lady's offspring. GRRRR!

I thought we should march her over to incredibly irresponsible neighbor's house and tell her to deal with it, but Greggie says he doesn't feel like scraping that precious babie's carcass off of the road in a few days.

So, long story longer, we are now trying to find another tiny, precious kitten a home. Not to overly rant, but don't the responsible folks of our society end up taking up a whole lot of slack for the idiots?

Please, please help me find this baby a home. Pictures to come very, very soon. It was hard doing this before, but with Avery it is going to be really hard. I don't have time to dropper feed this kitten every couple of hours!

This isn't the kitten, but you could certainly train it to do this and how cool would that be????

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