Thursday, September 3, 2009

Health Insurance

I understand from the media, my employer, my husbands employer, people in the grocery store, and the mail man that our Health Care system is in turmoil.  I also understand that something must be done immediately.  Here's what I am not sure of.  Does anyone think it might have a little something to do with the crappy insurance companies who try to do anything other than pay a claim?  I only ask because I got a really funny letter in the mail today from my insurance company.  I dare not say their name, or I am sure they will find a reason to drop me and never pay another claim.

It seems they are very concerned about me.  Let me share with you an excerpt from the letter:

"August 31, 2009

Dear My Insurance Carrier Member,

We have analyzed medical claims data that indicate you might be interested in or are pursuing treatment for infertility.  We want to make you are aware that MY INSURANCE COMPANY has infertility services available to you.  You and your partner have access to a network of superior infertility Centers of Excellence (COE), nurse consulting services, and a wide range of educational information regarding safe and effective infertility care."

Now, these companies claim they can't compete with the rising cost of Health Care and that Doctor's are pricing us all out of care.  I have a great money saving idea for you dodo heads.  Fire your research team, or at least tell them that if the patient getting this mail has given birth in the last six months they probably don't qualify for this letter.  Better yet, if you are paying claims for an infant that is less than six months old on this same policy, move this person to the do not mail pile.  Rest assured, I don't claim to be an expert on any matter, but in this case, I think a simple if/then statement might have saved them a few letters.

Honestly, this doesn't give me a warm fuzzy feeling about their ability to process my claims.  I'm half tempted to sign up for the program just so they didn't waste a stamp.  Top notch analysis isn't cheap!

Do you think these are real pirates or are these just tiny dogs dressed as pirates?  If only I had a research team to get to the bottom of this ........

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