Thursday, September 3, 2009

Puttin' my Haloween Vibe Out

Brace yourself. I am going to get you excited about Halloween. Someone will crack. I cannot be stopped. Does this help?
How can a dog dressed as the Chiquita Banana Lady not help?  You must be getting in the spirit, but hold on, there's more:
A dog with horns and a pitchfork with a cheesy saying!  This made you smile.  Admit it.  This is a stinkin' cute dog!
Ok, ok, something other than an animal:
This is a nice one.  It just makes me smile.  I don't even have to try!
Hey Snoopy! Thanks for the help. Charles Schultz, God rest his soul, worked so hard to make us all love Halloween!
Last, but not least, quite possibly the cutest Halloween costume EVER!  Is is just me or is this awesome?
Let me know if you need more Halloween love.  I am always at the ready!
Happy Friday!  Trick or Treat!

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