Monday, November 14, 2011

Oprah 12-Day Give-O-Way! You're Welcome!

Ok, as your reward for being with me through 2011 I have a special treat for my loyal readers (both of you!).  Oprah is doing a special contest called "The 12-Day Give-O-Way".  12 people will win this years "Favorite Things".

Here's how it works.  There are 12 codes.  One for each day starting 11/28/2011 through 12/9/2011.  You  can enter once each day with the designated code.

Log on to and type in that day's code.  Remember it starts 11/28 at 12:01 a.m.

Here are the codes:

11/28/2011  code = 037
11/29/2011  code = 058
11/30/2011  code = 067
12/01/2011  code = 076
12/02/2011  code = 080
12/03/2011  code = 099
12/04/2011  code = 106
12/05/2011  code = 156
12/06/2011  code = 170
12/07/2011  code = 232
12/08/2011  code = 234
12/09/2011  code = 240

Good luck!!  If you win, remember your friends!!  Approximate retail value per winner:  $9,427!


  1. I have been a watcher and follower of Oprah for 25 years , I started watching when I was carrying my second son and have continued threw the years. The lessons and storys that have been shared on Oprahs and on OWN show have been a insperation to me as I continue to grow into the person I was meant to be even at 52.Thankyou for being the person you are and being a form for all of us.I would love to win the best of Christmas gifts as I know of so many people on my list that would enjoy these gifts as mush as I would.

  2. oprah I've watched your show from the beginning.I was born in clarksdale,Ms the 3rd of sixteen children.I lost my father when I gave birth to my baby girl to cancer. mother took care of all of us and two of my children. we all finish college and no one got in trouble. mother lost her battle with cancer in 2004.we all love u oprah and wish you the best in your future."25 years you go young lady"

  3. Oh Oprah, what can I say. I feel like we have grown so close over the years! I cried with you when you did a tribute to your precious precious Cocker Spaniel Sophie and laughed along with you and Gayle when you talked about all the great times we've had together. You easily connect with everyone in your audience, going from 130lbs in one episode to 210 in the next! Ill never understand how you do it!! When you announced the end of your show I cried in my Caramel Crisp and Cheesecorn (one of your favorite things 2006 if you remember O). What else can I say. Thank you for being you Oprah! Your such a great person. Loving everyone no regardless of who they are. Just like the photos of the adorable little boy on your blog. Beautiful...just. like. you.

  4. If I were to win I'd like to share the winnings with my town's org. called "Safe Haven" which helps abused women begin a new life with clothing, furniture,etc. If I could afford to do as much as you I would, but I do what I can by helping the elderly in my complex & volunteer work, which fills my heart with joy. Bless you for the wonderful dreams you make come true.

  5. I have learn a lot from u oprah do you remember the show,when you were allow to go down south and speak to the KKK when they wouldn't talk with anyone else. Your show has help us say things that we didn't have the courage to say in the past.

    Thank you

  6. if I over step my boundary in my comment I'm sorry, i want everyone to feel what i've felt growing secure in what has been a difficult life span.I could go on for days thanking you for so much insight in my life. I never won anything until last Sunday @ our Pastor's 10th anniversary when I sold tickets and my # was drawn

  7. Dear Oprah,

    Thank you so much for sharing these secret codes - please pick me! I'm touched by the fact that you have this little blonde boy at the top of your blog. I am assuming you and Stedman adopted him. He's precious. But Oprah...with all your accumulated wealth, can't you buy him a pair of glasses that fit? Perhaps the glasses are one of your favorite things this year?

  8. Good morning,if our family win we will continue to love, share and embrace each other as we always have.I wish all contests the best and a happy holiday season

  9. I miss your show so much it was a show of growth for the american people. They live in a very small world of real life issues and become judgemental out of lack of facts Thank you