Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dear Blog

I know I have said this before, but I really, really, really miss you.  I want to blog every single day.  I have so many things that I want to say.  Things that are on my mind today:
  • why don't people get more in an uproar about smoking?  i see tons of posts about vaccinations, politics, gun control, and occupy wall street, but I have to walk through a cloud of smoke when i enter any building.  no offense, but i have a friend who doesn't post her child's picture on line for fear of a digital footprint, but both she and her husband smoke.  am i the only person who despises cigarette smoke??  because i really, really do.  am i silly to be worried about it so much?  after all, it is one of the few vices that you share with anyone within 10 fee of you!
  • today i forgot my purse.  i have no way to buy anything, no id of any type, and my nose is full of green mucus.  my mucinex is also in my purse.  i miss you purse, i miss you!!
  • i love etsy.com.  do you?  if you don't you should.  spend 5 minutes out there.  you will fall in love.
  • we have sold our giant bedroom furniture and we are buying something more practical.  I think we are settling on IKEA.  any better ideas??
  • i get to be this boy's mom.  how lucky is that??


  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere Ouida! We've missed you.

  2. Don't let this just be a blip on the radar. More, please....