Sunday, November 27, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree - You Mean So Much to Me!

Putting up my tree is so much fun, and so exhausting.  It never fails, every year when I open up the boxes I am flooded with memories of Christmases past and as much as it makes me smile, it really, really hurts.  I miss my Momaw, I miss my Grandma Sis, I miss my Grandma Grace, I miss my Grandma Juanita, I miss my Aunt Brenda, I miss my Uncle John, my Uncle Kenny, I miss those giant family gatherings full of a bunch of nuts that were so loud you couldn't hear yourself think and there was so much wrapping paper someone always lost a present, but most of all I miss the Grandmas.  They really are the glue you know?  Once they are gone it is never the same.  

I do really revel in my tree, and I take pride in the fact that it looks like it belongs in a candy store.  I really, really do!

I love her every year, more than the year before.  She is as old as me, tattered and tacky and priceless.

A newer arrival, fresh from the Pottery Barn.  The place I would live in the event of a zombie apocalypse!  

A drummer for Greggie.  So shiny and alert with his cymbals ready to crash. 

New this year, direct from Pier One, where I shop, because I cannot afford Pottery Barn., an Owl I converted in to a tree topper.

Our first married ornament.  So cheesy!

Avery's 2nd Christmas.  Love you Hallmark!

The first Baby's first Christmas ornament, and the model for the coming years. 

I have a ton of these.  Stolen from my mom's box.  She loves to tell the story of how my dad thought they really were cookies and not styrofoam.  YUCK!

Also for Greggie's love of owls, many throughout the tree.  I love them now too!  Maybe I am Julia Roberts in run away bride.  Which bird do I really like??

From my friend Ginger, a new tradition.  The Christmas pickle.  I still think it looks like a green SHUT YOUR MOUTH.

Another owl. this one from my favorite, more affordable store, TARGET!

Another cookie stolen from my mom.   
A new addition from World Market last year.  A Zeppelin carrying an elephant.  That's reasonable.  

Another lifted little lady.  She's missing a ski, but she can still shred!

Bath and Body reindeer in a hoodie.  Yes indeed!

Extra special.  These nests are floral pics I put in the arrangements at our wedding.  I grabbed them all up before we left for Charleston and pepper them all over the tree.

St. Nick ready for some football.  Damn you Hank Williams Jr. for ruining that phrase!

Sweet St. Nick.  An oldie but a goodie.  He matches the skier!


  1. I super heart your tree. It's one of the most fantastic trees I know and it's so special that so many or your ornaments are meaningful. LOVE the candy garland. That Bath & Body Works - they always have some of the neatest ornaments. Buster Cat Nixon loves a B&BW sheep that I have on the tree...that one might need to be moved a little further up the tree.

  2. Oh! And I almost forgot to comment on the owl tree topper - that is SO clever. You are a creative genius.