Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stein Mart, I Think I Love You

Today at lunch Lindsey and I went in to Stein Mart to spend a $20 gift card that she couldn't find once she got to the register. I laughed at her, not with her. She found the coolest hat that was crushable, foldable, and had SPF50 protection. Plus, it was my second favorite color, red!

I had forgotten how many cute things Stein Mart had. I might go back tomorrow! Don't you love this hat? It is never to early to think about sun protection (says the girl who had a melanoma!)

I think Stein Mart was destined to be a success because of my mood. On our way to lunch I giggled the who entire time. Ginger had told me about this site: http://parentsshouldnttext.com/. This site is hysterical. I don't know why, but they legitimately make me laugh out loud.

B-Tim first got me hooked on http://damnyouautocorrect.com/. Also hysterical and ridiculous. Greggie and I really could submit to this site. Autocorrect will get you divorced if you aren't careful!

I am warning you, either of these sights will suck you in and tickle your funny bone!

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