Sunday, March 6, 2011


Well, the next holiday is just around the corner, and I am not talking about St. Patrick's Day. I don't mean to skip it at all, and I totally love it, I just don't have time to get anything done before the 17th!!

Easter is the holiday to which I am referring. I have always secretly wanted to have an Easter stash to rival my Halloween one. I love dying eggs, Easter baskets, the whole 9 yards, but I never get around to doing any of it. I am going to make a conscious effort this year. I think Avery will really enjoy dying the eggs, and hopefully I can get a batch of pictures out of the deal. Fingers crossed!

There seems to be an abundance of really cute Easter ideas out this year too. I love this next place card holder from Pottery Barn. They really have the coolest stuff. I would love to live in the Pottery Barn.

I found the cutest picture of a sweet little Easter bunny. What do you think??

I think this boy is ready to dye some Easter eggs!

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