Monday, March 7, 2011

Too Sweet

I am so inspired, motivated, and driven by my peers. I feel like I am in the pool with a bunch of olympic swimmers and no one has noticed I have on my swim wings. You really should surround yourself with over achievers. You don't even realize it, but they push you.

Tonight I jumped over to my friend Jen's blog. Jen has been a very good friend to me for many years. She is someone I admired, looked up to, learned from and in return she made me a better employee and pushed me professionally. Most importantly, she believed in me. It was puzzling at first, then flattering, then downright motivational.

Now that we are new mommies together she continues to motivate me in new and exciting ways. She has her own photography business, she donates her time to charity, and she is an incredible stay at home mom. She's also one of my favorite bloggers.

Today's blog is exceptionally incredible. It is a tribute to her mom, Beth. I love Jen's mom too. Beth is awesome, and as a result she developed an awesome person. This apple didn't fall far from the tree. Happy Birthday Beth!!


  1. I Love, Love, Love your friend Jen too. And as soon as taxes come back I can't wait to finally order some wedding pics from her. But please, please, please stop selling yourself so too are great and much loved.

  2. Oh my goodness you are going to make me cry. :)
    You are one of my most favorite people and you have always inspired me and boosted my self-confidence so I could do crazy things like start up my own business. Don't sell yourself short, I think you are an incredible person. So creative, smart, hilariously witty, and you have the biggest heart. And you are an awesome mom which is why you are SB's backup mommy in case of emergency. Love you Weedie! XOXO

  3. P.S. I am going to forward this link to my mom so she will cry too. ;-)

    P.P.S. Thanks for the love Antoinette! I'm just glad you liked your pictures. I had so much fun that day!

  4. I am joining the lovefest to tell you how much I admire you young women, while I may be a bit biased as Jen's Mom, I can't help but marvel at how smart and capable both of you are. Quida, I loved getting to meet you and your family, Wish you girls lived closer to each other. Love Beth