Friday, March 18, 2011

2 Shots, Zero Tears, That's Right Suckas!

I am so proud of Avery. Today was a big day for me. I finally broke down and got Avery the MMR shot. I have been hiding from this shot since the day Avery was born. It petrifies me. I won't go in to why, and I won't bore you with my logic. I will just tell you that it scared me to death. That's really all that matters.

So I get a letter from daycare saying that is Avery doesn't get both the MMR and the chickenpox shot by March 30th he is kicked out of daycare. UGH! So, I wait, and I wait, and I wait, and today, we go for the shots. I literally cried all day at my desk, and I will be honest, I don't think a soul noticed. Meghan actually busted me wiping my tears, but I didn't say a word, and she didn't ask so I kept my mouth shut. It didn't help that Avery's teacher told me before 8 a.m. that Avery has been scratching "his friends". Blerg. Part of me wanted to shout, "hells yeah, at least he didn't bite anyone!", but that seemed oddly inappropriate. It kills me. I don't want Avery at school Edward Scissorhandsing the other kids. That is not cool, and the last thing I want is the teacher's being frustrated with him. I remember what happens to the pain in the cuss kids. Nobody likes them, and they end up weird-o loaners with dead flies taped to their jackets and manifestos in their back pockets. For the love of Pete, I don't want Avery to be that kid.

Anyhow fast forward to the doctor's office. I am pretty sure they all think I am a flake because I ask a million questions, avoid vaccinations, and ask for the shot side effect sheet. Yes, I am a worrier, a nerd, and slightly, if not wildly, neurotic. The super sweet nurse, who looks really familiar to me, but I don't think she went to my high school, tells me to put Avery on my lap facing me, and that the shots will go in his arms.

She inserts the first one. Chicken pox. Side note, does this come from chicken's? What a weird name for an itchy rash virus. Anyhow, I slightly cover Avery's eyes, and I had let him have the safety sucker which I don't take away from him. He doesn't flinch or make a peep. He even takes a look at the needle coming out. Trooper.

So, super sweet nurse tells me Chicken pox is the easy one, but MMR really hurts and Avery will most likely cry. In goes the needle, Avery flinches, squeezes me slightly (just like he does in elevators), and keeps sucking his sucker. Not a peep out of his mouth, not a tear, not a swat, nothing. My boy took it like a champ.

Now we have an up to date shot record. Insert cheesy finish line music here......

By the way, these pictures have nothing to do with this post. I took them on Avery's second birthday. Greg and I took the day off to spend it with Avery. We went in to his room together and sang Happy Birthday to him. These pictures are of his reaction. It didn't cost us a dime, but I wouldn't take a billion dollars for the memory. Remember when you used to say a million? Inflation!


  1. The nurse just might have gone to school with us afterall. I went with Craeton to her appointment one time and for the life of me I can't remember the nurse's name, but she did go to school with us.