Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Light Scoop = Heaven

I hate the flash on my camera and I try with all of my might to only take pictures without it. That is easier said that done with a little one and 5:15 sunsets. Last year for my birthday BFF bought me the best gift ever: the light scoop

I have taken my share of horrible pictures with the flash, but this thing makes the most incredible difference. I love it. I have the Warming version. Love, love, love it.

Here is a picture with the flash:
Skylar is still super adorable, and his gingerbread house is AWESOME, but come on now. Look at that shadow. ugh!!!

With the Light scoop:Heaven right? Add this to you Christmas list Kendra Nixon Wooten, Ginger Richter Nixon and Leslie Rippy Campbell. You will love your camera even more than you do now.

It really took me a while to trust the tool, but once I really gave it a chance and learned what makes it tick on my camera everything changed. I don't need beautiful sunlight anymore. I love, love, love it!!

My settings: f2.2, shutter 1/200, iso 800, flash on (obviously, duh!), exposure compensation +2.

I love you Light Scoop. Thanks BFF!

P.S. I am not getting paid for this endorsement in any way. This is a public service announcement from me to you, the reader.

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