Sunday, November 21, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Abby!

Today we headed to Jamestown to celebrate another Abby and another big day. How these children are so grown is quite the mystery to me, but that calendar doesn't lie. If you don't already have kids, or your kids are under three NOW HEAR THIS: you only get 2 years out of a baby. Two years. After that they are short teenagers. They speak in full sentences, pick their own clothes, music, and activities. Grown ups in pretty cotton patterns I tell you.

Abby got a robe for her birthday. A robe! I got my mom a robe for Christmas last year. A robe! And she loved it. She screeched, "I got a robe!". She put it on, and she didn't take it off.

Have you heard? 3 is the new 17! Dear Children, please slow down, you are killing me.

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