Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shame on You, Shame on Me

Last year I waited until Christmas Eve to take Avery to see Santa. I had myself talked out of it, and then panic struck. What was I doing? I couldn't not have Avery's picture taken on Santa's lap, so off to Hanes Mall I go on Christmas Eve. We stood in line ALL DAY LONG. Literally. ALL DAY LONG, only to have one of the very merry elves (Yes, I am being sarcastic) tell us we probably wouldn't make it. The pregnant mom in front of us burst in to tears. A bit much I thought, but she was really skinny, really pregnant, a pretty jacked up on hormones so I gave her a get out of jail free card. The good news is, we made it, and we got our picture. It was so freakin' expensive that I had to combine Avery and Skylar's in to one. I couldn't pay for both of them and the picture wasn't even that great.

So this year, I promised myself I wouldn't wait that long and I would only buy the digital image just like last year. Guess what? You can't only buy the digital image. What? Yep, you can't and the pictures are even MORE expensive. So again, I had to combine the picture, which is fine, but INSANE. Package B $40: 4 5x7s, 2 3x5s, 4 wallets, and the digital image. You also get a $20 gift card to Shutterfly. I do love Shutterfly, but I wonder why they affiliate themselves with this outfit. The pictures are not great. In the wallets it looks like Avery has 4 eyes. Santa looks totally cracked out. He looks like they stole him from the old folks home and he is having a moment of clarity just as she snaps the picture.

Why do I put this pressure on myself? Why?? Anyhow, it is done. Picture secure, no pressure. I am mad at myself for being a sucker, and madder at myself for being a follower. Also, shame on you Hanes Mall for making the pictures so expensive. These crappy quality pictures cannot cost this much to print. I am sure this is a huge cash cow for you. It would totally be worth it if the money was going to a good cause, which I am sure it is not! Next year will someone please help me find an alternative to this nonsense? I want a picture of Avery on Santa's lap, and I would like to be able to not get an ulcer thinking about the cost. Is that too much to ask? I think not. Oh crap, that reminds me, I have a Santa suit that may fit Avery this year. Stay tuned.....

On a complete side note, look at how much my boy has changed. WOW!!!

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  1. Wow, look how cute these young men are!! And, how much Avery has changed! Love em!