Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Things about Today that Made Me Crazy and that I LOVED

Today was a BEAR. Really, a bear:
  1. When I got home last night I had a message from BB&T on my machine. Hmmm, I know I payed the house payment and the equity line, so what do they want? It is NEVER good news when the bank calls. The last time they called I had written one amount in the box and a completely different amount on the spelled out line. Brilliant! Of course they called at home during the day. Curious? I am at work during the day. Tricky, tricky, tricky. Anyhow, we finally touch base, I remedy my error, and ask that they note my account to call my work or cell in the case that I do anything stupid again (as I am quite sure I will) and all is well. So, when I hear this message I am a superb mix of irritated and alarmed. I don't know why things like this unnerve me like they do. I wish, pray, hope, and long to be the person who says, "hmmm, wonder what they wanted, now, what was I doing?" I do. I so want to be her. She looks so calm and pretty and arranged, but she eludes me. Instead, I toss and turn, bite my nails, and worry. I can't stop thinking about it, so I call them and leave a voice mail, only while I am leaving the message, Avery drives his push car in to me and the handle hits me square in the middle of my back. Since I am distracted and worried it scares the living crap out of me. This is how my voice mail goes:

    hey, this is OL and you left a voice mail for me today. I am at work during the day, could you please call me on my cell........AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, good grief Avery you almost gave mommy a heart attack buddy........ the number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thanks!
    Can you imagine what Tiffany must have been thinking when she heard that message? I am sure she thought I was a total idiot, and let's be honest, she's not really that far off. Gesh. Anyhow, I don't hear back so I call her and this is how the conversation goes:

    OL: Hey, this is OL, and you called me yesterday
    T: Oh yes, can you hold or can I call you back?
    OL: I will hold. (Now I am panic stricken. My stomach is aching, my mind is racing, and I feel nauseous. She needs privacy to talk to me. CRAP!)
    T: I don't mind calling you back
    OL: Nope, I will wait.
    T: Quida, thanks for holding. How are you today.
    OL: I am fine.
    T: Great Quida, can you give me your social so I can pull up your account?
    OL: Sure, it's ###-##-####
    T: Well, you sound worried, I wanted to let you know that nothing is wrong.
    OL: Good, that's great news.
    T: Ok Quida, I see here that when you came in to the branch yesterday and paid your payment that you qualified for a free checking account. We have your mortgage and equity line relationship, and Quida we would really like to help you out with your checking too.
    OL: Ummm, my name is Ouida. There is no "Q".
    T: I am so sorry.
    OL: It's ok, but I didn't come in to the branch, I left my payment in the drop box.
    T: Umm, the teller told me that you came in.
    OL: I didn't come in, I left my payment in the drop box outside.
    T: I am sorry, but I thought you were in the branch.
    OL: I appreciate the call, but I have been with my bank since I was 16, and I really don't want to switch right now, but thank you.
    T: Quida, are you paying fees?
    OL: Nope, but thanks for the call. Bye.

    Tiffany was a lovely lady and she was just doing her job, but this exchange bugged me on so very many levels!

  2. About a month ago I got a bill from Premier Medical Associates for $30. That is my co-pay amount, and I know I paid it. I call the doctors office and they say that they can't help me, I need to call the 800 number. Yipeee! That will be awesome. I call, and I hold for over 40 minutes. Then some JERK picks up and immediately hangs up. My blood is BOILING. I call back, hold for 20 more minutes, get a super sweet lady, and she fixes the issue. Bear in mind, I paid my co-pay at the time of the visit and spent one hour of my life holding to get the issue fixed. Imagine how badly I wanted to strangle someone when I got the same EFFING bill again today. I left a very stern voice mail. I can't wait to hear back from them. I don't even know if I will bother calling them back. At this point, I am almost willing to throw it in the trash and hope for the best. Why can't people try harder? Greg may be right, it would have been easier to have just sent another $30. Grrrrrrr!
  3. Without going in to too much detail can I just say that we live in a society with some real idiots. Several months ago sweet BT participated in the Tour to Tanglewood
    to raise money for MS. He was reading the article in the WS Journal and some idiot had written in the comments that if they had to choose between ridding the world of MS or cyclist, they would choose cyclist. This infuriated me. People got out in the pouring rain and rode bikes for two days to raise money for a horrible life threatening disease, and this is all someone could come up with? I kept my trap shut because I really had NOTHING nice to say, but this week when a horrible case of domestic violence left three children without parents and these same doe doe's made equally offensive idiotic comments I had had ENOUGH. Can we please start a campaign to stop stupid? Will you join me? If you are sitting at home reading the Winston Salem Journal and you feel the need to write something mean or insensitive about a story, do us all a favor, punish
  4. yourself. Hold your breath until you have a better idea. Be sure you are sitting. You will most likely faint!
  5. On a positive note Wachovia gave out the coolest Christmas presents to Greggie's group today! They got an awesome Old Salem ornament, a Moravian cookie assortment also from Old Salem, and gift card. How cool is that. I love Old Salem. You really should get over there if you haven't been lately. It is so beautiful! Their ornament was prettier than this, but I couldn't find a picture.

  6. Go and watch the Wii Video again. This is the last week and B's last chance and $5k, a Big Ass Chain, and ultimate bragging rights. You don't want to be the reason he didn't advance now do you? You need a laugh, take a break and watch the video ASAP, pass it on to everyone you know, and then watch it again!

  7. Am I too crabby? I am sorry!!

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  1. Thank you for your awesome bloggings! And two mentions is one post is just...so...heartwarming ::single tear::