Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our Christmas Tree: A Reflective Analysis

After Ginger's insightful breakdown of their Christmas tree, I found myself inspired. It feels a little like 5th grade and I am copying the pretty girl's outfit, but then, that really is just what it is. So, credit to Ginger, what a great idea. Here's our tree, and a little of it's history:

First of all, we have a white tree. Why you might ask. Why indeed. Have you noticed that we never get any snow anymore? Really. When I was a kid it snowed all of the time, and it snowed a LOT. So, climate change, global warming, I don't care what you call it, it just plain doesn't snow as much as it used to. Just ask the polar bears if you don't believe me!

So, I decided I would bring in my own snowy tree, and that is what I have done. Over the years I have had all purple lights, last year all blue in honor of Avery, and this year multi since I thought Avery would like seeing all of the colors. Turns out Avery is more like his Father than I realized. He's not very impressed with the Christmas tree. Oh well, I like it, and since all of the effort that goes in to putting it up (other than Greg lugging the boxed up and down the steps) lands on me, isn't that what really matters?I have no idea where this little guy came from, but I think it might have been in a Ziploc of ornaments I bought at the Junior League Rummage sale. He has a sticker on the back of him that says handcrafted in Japan. I think he is so cute. I love his rosy cheeks and his Christmas tree in his hand. I sure hope he wasn't hand made by a child laborer!

I have a bunch of these and they are so precious to me. They are some of my mom and dad's original ornaments. I am not sure if my mom realizes it or not, but if I keep smuggling them out, she won't have any left. Mom loves to tell people how dad busted in from work, snatched one off of the tree, and proceeded to eat it thinking it was a cookie. Not a cookie, Styrofoam. Lesson learned!

This is a bell Mom made for us the year we were married. I love it!

Greggie is a drummer, so I try to find drummer ornaments. He is one of my favorites. Cymbals count as a percussion instrument you know!

I also smuggled this little lady from my Mom's tree. She is as old as me. Poor old girl!

Hmm, she is also stolen. I wonder what my Mom put on her tree this year? I just love these old ones. They take me back to a time when my hair was down to my butt and I had a house full of family at Christmas. My teeth were as big as Chiclets and I didn't have a care in the world. I miss those big family gatherings full of Grandparents and Cousins.

Crap, also stolen. In my defense, Mom asked me to bring her home and glue her ski back on. Can I help it if I forgot to return her?

Ok, this is one of my favorites, and she can't count as stolen because she was mine to start out with. No one besides me likes her anyway!

In an effort to endear Greg to Christmas, I buy things that I think would make him excited about the Christmas tree. It doesn't really work, but it does land me with lots of footballs on the tree. This Santa is tucked back in the limbs wearing his old school football uniform and holding the pig skin. I heart him, but don't tell Greggie!

This little guy and the green one in front are both "borrowed" from Mom's. I am sorry, they don't make ornaments like they used to!

Ah Ha!! I bought this one myself and two others just like her. She's retro, but new. Remember Rhonda Reindeer? You could get them at Hardees. Her boyfriend was Rodney. Dig back, you remember. I recently found an old one at Goodwill for 50 cents. She lives on my desk at work!

This is Avery's first ornament. Hand made by my mom. He put it on the tree himself, and then ripped it down, stuck it in his mouth, and threw it. Gesh!

I like to call these guys the love birds. They were in the arrangements at our wedding and I saved them all. I put them on the tree every year. There are all different colors. How's that for tradition?

Greggie loves owls and we have incorporated them in to Avery's decor as much as we could. Amy got us this one last year. Isn't he cool?

The newest member of the family. Avery's very first Hallmark ornament. I do love it!

While I am in the mood let me also show you just a couple of my decorations too!

I am such a fan of these two. They are pretty old. I bought them at a Thrift store with every intention of giving them as a gift. I always chicken out though. I don't know that people would appreciate such a gift. Would it just seem like you were giving them old junk? I would find them precious, but as we have discussed so very many times before, I am weird. I have several pieces that came to me in the very same fashion. One day I will get up my nerve and wrap up something that isn't brand new or priceless, but just adorable and thoughtful!

Paige and Jody gave me this Santa the year I got married and he is so beautiful. Doesn't he look so serious double checking that list? Hope you are on it! His furry friends came from Pottery Barn after Christmas last year. I want to live in the Pottery Barn!

My sweet Mom made these for me when I was tee-tiny. I can't remember a Christmas without them.

Now go make your own memories and write about them so I can stop reading the blogs of total strangers!


  1. Oh my gosh! Where do I even start???

    1. I LOVE the white tree. I must get a white tree!

    2. Love the owl ornaments, and I LOVE the story of Avery's first ornament! Too cute!

    3. Serves your dad right for trying to steal beauty off the tree!

    4. The colored lights on white wire...a bit harder to find, no? But I actually feel like we have had this conversation...

    This was a great blog post! I enjoy them all, but this one was especially brilliant!

  2. Love your tree but it's certainly interesting that it seems you stole the majority of "your" ornaments. :)