Friday, January 29, 2010

How I've Missed Thee Blog

Things I have considered blogging about while I have been away (an abbreviated look in to each topic):
  1. Pharmaceutical Commercials - Do you get sick of these? Shouldn't your doctor be recommending drugs not your commercial break? Does every drug cause diarreah, excessive erections, and death? Seems that way to me.
  2. Haiti - How can some idiot think that this is God's revenge on the only country every founded by slaves. I agree that we should "take care of our own", but to have hate in your heart for a country rocked by such horrible loss makes you insane, insensitive, inconsiderate, and just plain off your rocker.
  3. Inconsiderate People - There is a couple at my daycare that really thinks they are just plain precious. They are both adorable. They remind me of plastic people. I cannot tell you how inconsiderate they are. I come to pick up Avery and they are standing in front of the door, at the reception desk, you name it. They act like they are the only people in the universe. They are your typical rich villains. Here's the thing, everyone wants to pick their kid up, not just you. So move your rich, snobby, white rumps out of the front of the freakin' door already. Gesh!
  4. Gymboree - So Gymboree sucks me in with coupons, cute clothes, and Gym Bucks. Gym Bucks are a "future" discount on a predefined time frame. I had $25 in Gym Bucks. I drove Avery all the way to Winston on a Saturday and I couldn't find $50 worth of things to buy to use my $25 in Gym Bucks. It sucked. Plus, Gymboree is full of the aformentioned White, Entitled, Snobs. Gymboree, you are dead to me!
  5. Target - What's up Target. You advertise this incredible deal on the Wii Fit which I have promised my dad for his birthday and then you don't have it, and I can't get a rain check? Not nice Target. Not nice. Watch you don't make the "Dead to Me List". Jimmy John's and Gymboree are getting mighty lonely.
  6. Something The President said - Equal pay for equal work. What a theory. I hope this is a ball he can run with! I would like to be able to afford a stay at home husband.
  7. The movie Valentine's Day - What a cast! I want to see it. I won't, but I want to.
  8. Vomit - I am pretty sure Greg and I had the Noro Virus. It sucked. We puked. We puked a lot. It hurt. Chewed food should not come out your nose. EVER!
  9. Time - There is never enough and it moves too fast. Avery is almost 1. What the what?
  10. Excitement - Ginger and Christopher bought a new house, and I haven't even had a chance to chat with Ginger about it. I am so tickled for them, but I am sure she has no idea. I have been so swamped that I have not communicated this emotion at all.
  11. Hand Me Downs - I went through the Avery had me down boxes and my little guy is rocking a whole new wardrobe. I love me some hand-me-downs.
  12. Babies'r us - I need a coupon. If anyone sees one before Valentine's Day please share. I am hoping for a 20% off one!
  13. Moe's - I love Moe's. Moe's is my most favorite burrito joint. Welcome to Moe's indeed! I will eat Q'Doba or Chipolte, but I love Moe's!
  14. Haircut - My haircut is so overdue and I want to try and look more presentable. I must schedule a haircut soon.
  15. Lindsey - Lindsey Y. is one of the funniest, most unique people, I have ever met in my life. On a daily basis Lindsey makes one of two things happen: snot comes out of my nose accidentally because I am laughing so hard, or I pee my pants a little because I see her before I make it to the bathroom and she says something hysterical.
  16. Bathroom Etiquette - There is a lady at my work who doesn't wash her hands after she uses the bathroom. This amazes me. Yuck freak! Yuck! While we are on this subject, if you need to blow up the bathroom in the middle of the day, please go to another floor. That's what I do!
  17. I've missed you blog. Life really is full of things to blog about.


  1. Welcome back Ouida I've missed your blog too. I'm totally with you on #16 - what is the matter with people - they went over hand washing on Sesame Street today. If 3 year olds can figure it out, it shouldn't be that hard for an adult! ick!

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! Not only did I get the best shot - out ever (which totally made my, year!) but you are writing again and have kept me company in a small way on this lonely, cold weekend!